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Rome Streetz Wikipedia: Know Rapper Age, Real Name & Family

As the interest in artists who prioritize lyricism and artistry in hip-hop grows, more and more people are searching for the Wikipedia page of Rome Streetz.

Rome Streetz has garnered a significant following among the artists who strongly emphasize lyrics.

He made his breakthrough in 2016, and he’s currently signed to Griselda Records.

Griselda Records is an independent hip-hop label based in Buffalo, New York. Rapper Westside Gunn founded it.

Rome Streetz has honed his rapping skills recently and has become one of Griselda’s second-wave leaders.

His dedication and talent are part of what makes Griselda Records exceptional and forward-thinking.

Now, people are curious to learn more about this rapper, leading to increased searches for the Wikipedia page of Rome Streetz.

Rome Street Wikipedia: Real Name And Age

Rome Streetz, known by his rap/stage name, has been actively releasing projects since 2016.

People are now curious about this rapper and have searched for a Wikipedia page about Rome Streetz.

Unfortunately, as of now, Rome Streetz does not have its own Wikipedia page. 

Many have wondered about Rome Streetz’s real name and how he came up with the name Rome Streetz.

Rome in black jacket and cap
Griselda wished Rome a happy birthday. (Source: Twitter)

He was born as Jerome Allen in London. But he moved to New York City when he was just an infant, along with his mother.

Moreover, he grew up in various parts of New York, primarily in Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

Due to his nomadic lifestyle, he changed his birth name, Jerome. Later, he adopted the name Rome Streetz, which suited him well.

Meanwhile, Rome was born on November 18, 1987; as of 2023, he will turn 36 in November.

Even though Rome Streetz doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet, his work deserves recognition by many people.

That’s why there’s a belief that Rome Streetz should have a Wikipedia page.

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Rome Streetz Family and Career Detail 

People have been curious about Rome Streetz’s history, but to date, much information hasn’t been available about his personal life.

Meanwhile, we know that he was born to Jamaican parents. However, there is no mention of their names and other family members.

Even on his Instagram page, he rarely shares about his family and focuses more on his albums, raps, and career.

Rome Streetz started rapping when he was just 13 years old. 

Rome Streetz Wikipedia in stage with mic in hand
 He is known for his distinctly gritty delivery and razor-sharp lyrics. (Source: Instagram)

He began his career by participating in New York’s open mic nights and always gave his best performances. Around 2012, he released his first mixtape, Vagabond.

During the same time, Rome competed in the Coast Hip-Hop Showcases and won a prize for a full promotion package.

Over the next few years, he honed his craft and released mixtapes like Rolling Stoned and Work on the Arm in 2015.

In 2018, Rome released his first two official albums, Street Pharmacy and Streets Keep Calling Me. He also released two mixtapes in 2018, the first two volumes of the Noise Candy series.

One of his standout projects is Noise Candy Volume 3, released in 2019. And the series continued with its fifth and latest edition released last month.

noise candy poster
Most of the noise candy cover features razor. (Source: Instagram)

Entering 2020, he released Noise Candy 4, and towards the end of the year, he was featured on Westside Gunn’s Fly God Is an Awesome God. 

Rome Streetz later joined forces with one of the most influential movements in hip-hop in the last ten years, Griselda.

Therefore, Rome is highly respected in the hip-hop community and shows no signs of slowing down.

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