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Ronan Folgoas Parents: Mother Germaine And Father Georges Folgoas

People want to learn more about Ronan Folgoas parents as the journalist’s work and commitment have been appreciated and well-liked by many people throughout the globe.

Ronan Folgoas has been working in the journalism sector for several years now, and he has been able to establish a distinct identity for himself in his home country France and beyond.

He currently serves as a senior reporter for the newspaper Le Parisien’s Police-justice Department.

Mr. Folgoas is also a detailed author whose first released book is The Jubillar Mystery. For this book, he undertook a very thorough field study, which was supported by court records and numerous exclusive testimony.

One of Delphine Jubillar’s closest friends, starting with CĂ©dric Jubillar himself, and Delphine’s partner, Ronan, is the only journalist to have had contact with.

Likewise, since March 2022, Ronan has been working as a freelance writer at Studio Fact Editions, and he has been exploring different niches.

Since the journalist and author have much more to offer to the world, via this article, let’s get to know him better and find out about the parents who raised him.

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Ronan Folgoas Parents: Mother Germaine And Father Georges Folgoas

The support of Ronan Folgoas’ parents has been extremely important in guiding him in visualizing his dreams, his passions, and his transformation into a successful journalist.

Even in several interviews, the author praised his parents repeatedly for believing in him when he was feeling like giving up. Because fans love Ronan Folgoas’s work so much, they find learning about his parents to be exciting.

As a result, many people search for Ronan’s parents alongside his professional endeavors.

Well, the senior reporter for the newspaper Le Parisien, Ronan Folgoas was welcomed into this world by extremely loving, doting, and supportive parents. He was born and brought up in France.

His mother, Germaine, and his father Georges Folgoas, constantly believed in him and pushed him to become a better version of himself.

Ronan Folgoas Parents
Ronan Folgoas is the only child of his parents. (Source: Instagram)

While his mother is an artist working in the fashion industry, his father was a notable French television director and producer who passed away on July 3, 2008.

Furthermore, Ronan’s father, George, had a celebrated entertainment career until his death. He began his career in the late 1950s and gradually proceeded to become a notable name in the industry. Throughout his lifetime, George also received several awards and recognitions.

George and Germaine both let their son choose his own career path without letting him get influenced by their individual’s successful careers.

Besides, Ronan has also been working extremely hard to make his parents proud of his professional achievements.

A Look At Ronan Folgoas Professional Career

Ronan began his professional career in April 2004, when he first worked as a journalist for a sports magazine. After working there for about five years, George Folgoas’ son began working with Premieres Lignes Televisions as a journalist.

He also worked with Canal Infosport as a commentator on images and montage. Likewise, in 2011, he joined Le Parisien and worked there for over a decade.

During his association with Le Parisien, he held several job titles such as Report Service des Sports- PSG, Grand Reporter Service Des Sports -PSG, and Gd Reporter Service Police-Justice.

Ronan Folgoas Parents
Ronan Folgoas shares a thriving and booming professional career. (Source: Yahoo)

Since March 2022, Ronan has been working as a freelance writer and author, exploring his new passion and skills. His first book, The Jubillar Mysteries, was published on March 13, 2023.

This book is based on a criminal missing case, and it is one of the most talked about incidents in France. After covering details regarding the case in his book, Ronan has also garnered enormous appreciation and recognition. 

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