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Rosalie Vaillancourt Parents: Father Alain Vaillancourt And Mother Christiane Girard- Family Tree

Comic enthusiasts are examining Rosalie Vaillancourt’s parents after her successful acting and comedy career.

In addition to winning the Gémeaux Award for Best Actress for a Program or Series Produced for Digital Media in 2020, Rosalie also received the Dior Revelation Prize for Complètement Lycée in 2021. Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and she both joined the Wolfe cast in 2018.

The performer is also a part of the cast of the sketch program Le Nouveau Show on Radio-Canada as well as Conseils de family on Télé-Québec, her television series Avant d’être morte, and other projects.

With the popularity of her online series, Rosalie career took off. She and Charles-Alex Durand co-wrote this seven-episode series in which she gives viewers advice on how to get rid of their husband or wife, who Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais portray.

Rosalie Vaillancourt Parents: Father Alain Vaillancourt And Mother Christiane Girard

Rosalie Vaillancourt parents, Alain Vaillancourt and Christina Girard, gave birth to her on November 13, 1992, in Saint-Hyacinthe. They are the proud parents of three daughters who have reached success in their career path.

The 31 old entertainer has two sisters, one of them is an activist, while the other one is a feminist. Rosalie Vaillancourt parents have given her the freedom and privilege to their daughters for doing whatever they want in life.

Rosalie Vaillancourt Parents
Rosalie Vaillancourt parents wearing a t-shirt revealing her pregnancy (Source: Instagram)

Rosalie shared a snapshot of how she told her parents she was pregnant on Instagram, and we have to admit, we’re not at all shocked that it all went down amusingly. Rosalie had already revealed her pregnancy to the media at that time.

While her parents are not the typical “grandpa” and “grandma,” we can still see them smiling and sporting brand-new sweaters in the photo. The statement “My daughter became pregnant” appears on Rosalie’s father’s, while the phrase “Sexy granny” appears on Rosalie’s mother’s.

Her dad still wears the t-shirt while gardening which humors her till now. Rosalie Vaillancourt’s parents seem to accept her wired and quirky humor and reciprocate with more humor.

Rosalie Vaillancourt parents have always been her favorite person and they have supported her in every aspect of her life personally and professionally.

Who is Rosalie Vaillancourt Husband

Since December 2020, Rosalie Vaillancourt and Olivier Auger have been engaged. Regrettably, the recently engaged couple decided to put off their wedding because of challenging circumstances in their personal life.

The passing of Olivier’s father influenced their choice, the ongoing global pandemic (Covid-19), and the news that the comedian was expecting a child. So, the couple was anticipating the birth of a girl at that same time.

Rosalie Vaillancourt Parents
Rosalie Vaillancourt with her husband and their daughter (Source: Instagram)

On July 21, they announced the pregnancy at the White Card Evening she held at Place des Arts. She later shared the news on social media, explaining why she had kept the pregnancy a secret.

It was because the couple had difficulty conceiving a child for a long time so she wanted to take time to process everything and wanted her fan to have a solid statement.

Marguerite Auger Vaillancourt was born to her on December 22, 2021. Her daughter is really cute with chubby cheeks and round big eyes.

 How Did Rosalie Vaillancourt Start Her Career

A Canadian actress enrolled in a primary school where she studied basketball and theatrical fundamentals. She was forced to choose between her two loves, theater and basketball, later on at CEGEP.

She had been given several scholarships offers from US universities for athletics, but she chose to study theater and, regrettably, was expelled before finishing her program.

Rosalie Vaillancourt Parents
Rosalie Vaillancourt in Jérôme 50: Chaise musicale which was released in 2018 (Source: IMDb)

Following that, she became known for her sense of humor and enrolled in the Phil Roy-sponsored National School of Comedy.

She was immediately accepted after that applying. The New Girls concert, which was performed at the 2015 Zoofest, featured her as the star after she finished her studies. Afterwards, she performed Rosalie Vaillancourt: The Musical at Zoofest for the first time on her own.

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