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Rosie Seraphine Harper Parents: Meet Mother Monique Harper And Father

Rosie Seraphine Harper is a new child actor on the block, so curiosity about her parents has grown. Let’s explore who is in her family.

Rosie Seraphine Harper is a child actor who has recently come to the forefront.

She is a rising actor now, and her acting chops indicate a good future ahead.

Rosie Seraphine Harper has recently played a role in the movie Lady Ballers.

The movie has garnered a mixed response, especially given its engagement with LGBTQIA+ rights.

However, Rosie Seraphine Harper’s acting skills have been praised.

Netizens are curious to know the parents of Rosie Seraphine Harper, who encouraged her in this pursuit.

Rosie Seraphine Harper Parents: Mother Monique Harper

Any child actor’s involvement in the movie industry automatically attracts a search for their parents.

The same has been the case with Rosie Seraphine Harper, and people are searching for her parents.

The mother of Rosie Seraphine Harper is Monique Harper, who often appears in Rosie’s posts.

But as for the father, there are no posts that hint at the father of Rosie Seraphine Harper.

Rosie Seraphine Harper has gained a lot of attention towards er family, especially her parents
Rosie Seraphine Harper likes to participate in races. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, her mother’s Instagram page, Monique Harper’s, also does not contain any hint about her husband.

Many could even assume, observing her social media posts, that Monique Harper is a single mother.

However, this is rather unconfirmed as there is no clarity yet.

Nonetheless, Rosie Seraphine Harper’s parents are supporting her all the way.

Rosie taking a picture with her mother at the forbidden caves
Rosie Seraphine Harper likes to explore new places with her mother. (Source: Instagram)

Even recently, her mother, Monique, accompanied her to the premiere event of Lady Ballers.

Moreover, Rosie posted a photo with her mother on her Instagram page.

Besides that, not much detail is available to the public about Monique Harper, including her origin, work, and relationship status.

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Who Are The Siblings Of Rosie Seraphine Harper?

Despite not much information available regarding Rosie Seraphine Harper parents, there are photos present of her siblings.

Monique Harper’s Instagram shows she has three children, with Rosie Seraphine Harper being the eldest.

The other two children are yet another baby daughter and a son.

Rosie taking a picture with her siblings on favorite college team day at school
Rosie Seraphine Harper likes to dress up and have fun. (Source: Instagram)

The name of her younger daughter is Isabella, whereas her son’s name is not clear yet.

Rosie Seraphine Harper and her mother, Monique Harper, regularly spend time together.

In several photos posted by Monique Harper, we can see the two spending time with each other.

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What Is The Future Career Move of Rosie Seraphine Harper?

Unfortunately, there is not much information regarding Rosie Seraphine Harper’s future move.

Even her IMDB page only reflects one credit, which is her recent movie. Other than this, there is no further information from her side either.

However, Rosie Seraphine Harper is already enrolled in a talent agency by her parents.

This indicates that Rosie Seraphine Harper’s parents see a future ahead for her in showbiz.

Rosie Seraphine Harper shared a post talking about acting classes
Rosie Seraphine Harper used to take acting classes before Lady Ballers. (Source: Instagram)

The talent agency that she has been credited to is Magna Talent Agency.

Magna Talent Agency operates from Oklahoma and manages actors and voice actors under their wing.

Judging by the Instagram announcement of Magna Talent Agency, Rosie Seraphine Harper joined them in July 2023.

To add to her enrollment into an agency, Rosie Seraphine Harper’s Instagram page also reveals she has a management.

The management credited on her Instagram page is Semler Entertainment.

Not much information is available on Semlerentertainment, as they don’t have a social media page.

However, for Rosie Seraphine Harper, the career path ahead does look promising. The strong backing from her mother supports this prospect.












































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