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Is Rubi Rose Pregnant In 2023? The Rapper Baby Bump Rumor

With a special blend of charisma and raw talent, this female rapper has carved out a niche in the rap industry. However, fans want to know if the fierce rapper Rubi Rose is pregnant.

Born October 2, 1997, in Lexington, Kentucky, Rubi Rose Benton is an Ethiopian-American rapper, composer, and model.

Rubi has made her name by modeling and appearing in videos for other rappers and making her tracks.

She debuted her musical career in September 2018 with a remix of Playboi Carti’s song On Top. She gained popularity in 2019 thanks to her hit Big Mouth.

Further, she features a cameo in American rapper Cardi B’s music video for her single WAP on August 7, 2020.

In 2019, A&R Chris Turner signed her to LA Reid’s record company, Hitco Entertainment.

Future and PartyNextDoor made a cameo on Rubi’s debut official mixtape, For the Streets, released on December 25, 2020.

Thanks to this, Rubi has won over the hearts of many as a prominent rapper with bold lyrics. However, her fan base is fascinated to know if the Rubi Rose is pregnant.

Is Rubi Rose Pregnant In 2023? The Rapper Baby Bump Rumor

Rumors of Rubi Rose’s pregnancy are rather vague and unverified. Much of this is due to her TikTok video, where she is playful with her best friend’s child.

Two videos uploaded on TikTok show Rubi Rose happily playing around with her best friend’s son.

Rubi Rose does not look pregnant in the picture
As a child, Rubi Rose was baptized as an Orthodox Christian. (Source: Instagram)

With this, several fans were curious if this was Rubi Rose dropping any hints about her pregnancy.

However, there has not been any official confirmation from Rubi’s end.

Further, Rubi Rose’s recent post doesn’t show anything related to her potentially being pregnant.

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Did The Rapper Have A Publicized Relationship With Playboy Carti?

Rubi Rose was in a public relationship with Playboy Carti. The relationship initially began when they were in high school together.

One of Rubi’s first released songs On Top was Carti’s unreleased demo. Rubi added a verse over the open instrumental.

Meanwhile, Rubi and Carti became a couple even before Carti’s career took off. They used to live together, with music being a core reason for their being together.

Rubi Rose squatting down and posing for the picture
Rubi’s musical inspirations include Meghan Thee Stallion, Michael Jackson, Prince, Biggie, and Cardi B. (Source: Instagram)

Carti used to take Rubi Rose to his pre-fame shows as well. As mentioned by Rubi in the No Jumper Podcast, at that time, she was trying her hands as a DJ.

However, the relationship did not last long, with Carti not wanting Rubi to continue with her DJ side gig.

The relationship, though, ended rather bitterly, with Carti having allegedly shot at Rubi Rose.

Although this has been clarified as a warning and unintentional shot, this was still a tipping point in their relationship.

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Did Rubi Rose Have A Controversial Relationship With DDG?

Rubi Rose’s relationship with Playboy Carti is very public. However, subsequently, she has dated other rappers as well.

From early 2020 through 2021, she dated the famous rapper DDG. The relationship, though, ended in a rather public manner.

DDG later dated Halle Bailey, who starred recently in The Little Mermaid.

Rubi surrounded with watermelon for the picture.
Rubi doesn’t shy away from expressing her bold attitude through her fierce lyrics. (Source: Instagram)

Rubi Rose was still angry with DDG about the breakup. So, she openly criticized DDG for giving her old clothes to Halle.

This allegation made DDG openly snap back at her on Twitter. Later, Rubi even alleged that he was trying to get back with her.

In response, DDG even called her wannabe Ice Spice. Later, even Halle jumped in support of DDG.

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Does She Have A Current Fling?

In early 2023, French Montanna and Rubi Rose were on a dinner date together. A video even surfaced on the internet proving the same.

Rubi Rose later clarified that the two were testing the waters and were only in the dating phase.

However, even this was a clout-chasing step from Rubi Rose. Many fans, especially those of DDG, believed she was trying to add fame to her career.

Despite multiple controversial relationships, though, Rubi Rose is not yet pregnant.

And she does not seem to be looking forward to it either.

Especially as of now, it is highly unlikely that Rubi Rose would choose to get pregnant, as her current relationship is just in a budding phase.

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