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Is The American Politician Rudy Giuliani Gay? Info On Partner

Following Rudy Giuliani’s filing for bankruptcy after a $148 million defamation case, his prior officiation of same-sex marriage sparks speculation, raising questions about his sexual orientation. Let’s find out whether Rudy Giuliani is gay or not!

Rudy Giuliani, born May 28, 1944, in East Flatbush, originates from a former Italian-American enclave in Brooklyn, New York City.

Giuliani, an American politician and attorney, led New York City as its 107th mayor from 1994 until 2001.

He has been a prominent public figure for decades, gaining global recognition after the 9/11 attacks.

Navigating his policy positions is complex. While Rudy Giuliani leans left on social issues like abortion and gay marriage, he’s strict on crime and policing matters.

Initially backing civil unions, Giuliani opposed same-sex marriage until 2015, when he publicly endorsed it.

Therefore, it led many people to wonder if Rudy Giuliani is gay and question his sexuality.

So, is Rudy Giuliani gay? Let’s explore more about the American Politician’s sexuality and gender.

Is Rudy Giuliani Gay? Details About His Sexuality

The 79-year-old Rudy Giuliani’s sexuality has been a topic of interest for many netizens.

However, Rudy Giuliani has not addressed the topic, so there is no truth to the rumors of him being gay.

Rudy Giuliani sitting in front of a dish.
He led New York’s controversial “civic cleanup” from 1994 to 2001. (Source: Twitter)

Instead, Rudy Giuliani has been married three times, each to a different individual: Regina Peruggi, Donna Hanover, and Judith Nathan.

However, he has since divorced all three and remains unmarried without a partner.

Giuliani had two children, Andrew and Caroline Rose, from his second marriage with Donna Hanover.

Caroline is an LGBTQ+ filmmaker who has referred to herself as ‘multiverses apart’ from her father.

Rudy with eyes wide open.
Rudy Giuliani has not addressed any rumors of him being gay. (Source: Forbes)

Furthermore, he had oppositions on same-sex marriage, stating,

The institution of marriage should remain defined as a man and a woman.

Later, he publicly expressed support for same-sex marriage in 2015, urging the Supreme Court to legalize it.

A year later, Giuliani officiated the wedding of two men, with one being a close friend and adviser.

Nevertheless, Rudy Giuliani’s past marriages and his being a father of two make it less likely for him to be gay.

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Short Details About Rudy’s Three Divorces

Giuliani married Regina Peruggi, his second cousin known since childhood, on October 26, 1968, marking his first marriage.

By the mid-1970s, Giuliani’s marriage to Regina faced issues, resulting in a trial separation in 1975. Peruggi didn’t accompany him to Washington.

Rudy with hands in his head.
Giuliani was arrested on August 23, 2023, and a mugshot was released. (Source: Twitter)

Giuliani-Peruggi’s marriage ended with a civil divorce in 1982 and a Roman Catholic church annulment in 1983, facilitated by Alan Placa. 

Later, Giuliani met local television personality Donna Hanover in 1982, dating her when she worked in Miami and tied the knot on April 15, 1984.

Additionally, Rudy and Donna have two children: Andrew and Caroline.

While married to Hanover in May 1999, Giuliani met Judith Nathan, a pharmaceutical company sales manager, at Club Macanudo.

By 1996, Hanover distanced herself amid marital rumors, while Giuliani’s relationship with Nathan continued.

In March 2000, Giuliani ceased wearing his wedding ring, and public appearances with Nathan became noticeable, although unreported in the press.

mugshot of Rudy.
He publicly expressed support for same-sex marriage by calling on the Supreme Court to make it legal in 2015. (Source: Twitter)

Giuliani filed for divorce from Hanover in October 2000, settling in July 2002 with a $6.8 million settlement and custody granted.

Further, he wed Judith Nathan on May 24, 2003, adding stepdaughter Whitney, marking Nathan’s third marriage post-divorce.

Nathan filed for divorce from Giuliani on April 4, 2018, after 15 years, stating he has become a different man.

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