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Is Rupert Murdoch Fired? Controversy And Scandal Explained

Is Rupert Murdoch Fired? Following the news of his stepping down as Fox and News Corp. Chairman, online users are eager to know more facts about it.

Rupert Murdoch is a prominent media mogul and business magnate. Besides, he is best known for his extensive media empire, which includes newspapers, television networks, and other media properties. 

Likewise, he has been a highly influential figure in the media industry, known for his conservative political leanings and the impact of his media outlets on public opinion.

In 1980, Murdoch founded News Corporation, which initially focused on publishing newspapers and magazines but later expanded into the entertainment industry, acquiring major assets such as 20th Century Fox, Fox Broadcasting Company, and Fox News. 

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Is Rupert Murdoch Fired?

No, Rupert Murdoch has not been fired, but the news came into the media when it was announced that he was stepping down as chairman of his companies, Fox Corporation and News Corporation.

With that news, everyone on the internet has been asking multiple questions, and some people speculated that he was fired. However, there is no truth about it.

As of now, the reason behind Murdoch’s departure from the company has not been posted. Murdoch’s retirement arrives at a crucial time for the media world.

Rupert Murdoch Fired
Rupert Murdoch has not been fired, but the news came into the media after he announced his departure from Fox Corporation and News Corporation. (Source: The Guardian)

Big entertainment companies are facing major changes in TV and movies, and more people are switching to streaming services.

After 70 years, Murdoch has retired. He became an editor for a small Australian newspaper and became a major player in conservative global media, especially with Fox News. He also had a significant role in shaping U.S. politics.

All About Rupert Murdoch Controversy And Scandal

Rupert Murdoch has been at the center of various controversies and scandals during his career.

One major scandal involved a British newspaper he owned, News of the World, which was caught hacking people’s phones, including celebrities and crime victims.

This led to the newspaper’s closure and legal actions against its employees.

Also, his media outlets, like Fox News, have been criticized for their strong political leanings, mainly on the conservative side, and for their impact on shaping public opinion.

Rupert Murdoch Controversy
Rupert Murdoch has been involved in various controversies. (Source: Sky News)

Some people worry that his media companies are too big and have too much influence, potentially limiting diversity in the media. 

Additionally, there have been allegations that Murdoch has used his media outlets to support specific politicians and agendas, raising concerns about editorial independence.

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Where Is Rupert Murdoch Going Now?

Rupert Murdoch has stepped down from Fox Corporation and News Corporation as a chairman, and everyone wants to know about his next move, which has not been shared yet.

Murdoch shared The news on Thursday, “For my entire professional life, I have been engaged daily with news and ideas, and that will not change. But the time is right for me to take on different roles, knowing that we have truly talented teams.”

Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch stepped down from Fox Corporation and News Corporation. (Source: Post and Courier)

Murdoch’s decision to step down from his company leadership roles is causing a big stir in the political world, especially with the 2024 presidential election approaching.

It’s a significant move that’s grabbing a lot of attention.

As of now, more updates related to Rupert’s future plans have not been given. 


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