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Did Russell Brand Undergo Weight Loss? Diet And Workout Plan

After making recent news, people worry about the noticeable weight loss in Russell Brand. Find out more about his diet and workout plan in this article.

Russell Brand is a famous English comedian, actor, writer, and conspiracy theorist.

Born in Essex, England, Brand had a strange relationship with his father and was raised by his mother.

After beginning his career as a comedian and later becoming an MTV presenter, Brand gained a role as a host in many shows.

Further, Brand is known for his political and cultural activism. Since 2020, he has shared conspiracy theories, especially about COVID-19.

Throughout his career, Brand has been subject to frequent media controversies.

Moreover, with him recently making headlines, fans see a change in his appearance.

Did Russell Brand Undergo Weight Loss?

Russell Brand is currently 48 years old and maintains a well-rounded figure.

During his school, the actor was nerdy and chubby. When Brand was 14, he developed bulimia.

Bulimia is an eating disorder in which a person regularly eats a large amount of food. But Brand lost a lot of weight during puberty.

He is also open about his experience with eating disorders and raises awareness on the issue.

Moreover, Brand shared that he struggled with mental health issues due to his childhood weight.

Similarly, Brand struggled with using illegal drugs from an early age and was even expelled from college for the same reason.

Russell goes on a walk every morning with his dog
Russell prioritizes physical activities (Source: Instagram)

However, Brand has been recovering and looking after his body.

Being a popular figure, Brand’s change in appearance is constantly broken down by fans.

In recent years, Brand has focused more on maintaining weight than losing it.

Due to his past conditions, Brand is constantly focused on his health. Although not drastic, Russell Brand has had some weight changes.

He emphasizes staying active and making healthy choices for a sustainable lifestyle.

Along with yoga, he has started practising veganism, which has helped Brand to maintain his figure.

In addition, Brand has been training in martial arts since 2016, which has improved his life in many ways.

Russell Brand: Diet And Workout Plan

Brand has been very vocal about his journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Further, he shares his views on fitness and wellness with his fans and followers. While he does not follow a specific workout routine, he prioritizes physical activities.

Healthy eating is also a considerable part of his daily routine with his vegan choices.

Moreover, Russell Brand promotes the benefits of practising daily meditation and yoga.

Along with eating disorders, doctors have diagnosed Brand with ADHD and bipolar disorder.

However, his focused and centred meditation practices have helped him through his health conditions.

Russell Brand practices yoga and meditation for healthy lifestyle
Yoga has been a part of Russell’s life (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Brand enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and running, which keeps him connected to nature.

Brand’s transformation is also due to a balanced diet, as he has cut out processed foods and sugar.

Overall, Brand’s fitness approach includes physical activity and healthy eating habits.

In 2021, he shared his experience with intermittent fasting through his YouTube channel Awakening With Russell.

Brand also shared the importance of body positivity through the channel.

Russell walking with his printed white shirt
Fans have always loved Russell’s way of dress-up. (Source: Instagram)

However, YouTube has suspended Brand’s account after accusations of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse to more than four women.

Despite such allegations, Brand denies the claims, saying all his relationships have been consensual.

Investigations are underway, and Brand is facing massive backlash on the internet.

This isn’t the first time Brand has faced criticism, as he has shared controversial takes.

Due to the current situation, Brand has also postponed his remaining dates on the UK comedy tour.

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