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Who Is Russell Laffitte Wife Susanne Laffitte? Kids Carter And Luke

Susanne Laffitte is Russell Laffitte wife, with whom he has been married for several years, and they share two children.

Former banker Russell Laffitte was found guilty of financial fraud in connection with the Alex Murdaugh case.

In November 2022, Laffitte was found guilty on three charges of misappropriating bank funds and three counts of conspiracy for committing “wire fraud and bank fraud.”

The former CEO of Palmetto State Bank was found guilty of collaborating with Alex Murdaugh in a multimillion-dollar fraud over the course of several years, and the two were sentenced to 84 months in jail.

According to FOX News, U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel sentenced Laffitte on 1 August 2023 to 84 months in prison as well as $3.55 million in restitution.

The interest in the former banker’s personal life has grown significantly following the conviction and sentence. Many people are asking about his wife, parents, and family.

Thus, in today’s article, let’s unpack all the known details about Russell Laffitte’s wife, Susanne Laffitte, and their marital life.

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Who Is Russell Laffitte Wife Susanne Laffitte? Kids Carter And Luke

Russell Laffitte is married to his longtime spouse, Susanne Laffitte, also known as Susie. The former Palmetto State Bank CEO has been together with his spouse for several years.

While the marriage timeline of the couple has not been disclosed, it is safe for us to say that the Laffitte couple have been together for over two decades.

They reportedly dated only a few months before tying the knot.

Russell Laffitte Wife
Russell Laffitte has been together with his wife for over two decades. (Image Source: CBS News)

During their long and blissful marital life, the pair had two kids. They are proud parents of two grown-up children – a son Luke and a daughter Carter Laffitte.

The couple’s daughter, Carter Laffitte, was born in the early 2000s. Thus, she is 21 years old as of 2024. Carter appeared in court during Russell’s trial.

While there is limited information about the professional life of Russell’s wife, some online sources have mentioned that Susie serves as a social work supervisor at the State of Connecticut.

Although there is a Linkedin account named Susie Laffitte, whether the account belongs to the former banker’s wife or not is ambiguous.

Nonetheless, The Laffitte family shares a tight-knitted bond with one another.

Russell Laffitte Wife, Children And Family Pleaded For Mercy

While acknowledging that many people have lost so much due to Russell Laffitte’s action, his wife, Susanne, pleaded mercy.

Russell Laffitte Wife
Russell Laffitte’s friends and family pleaded for mercy to judge. (Image Source: WPDE)

Susie pleaded to Judge Gergel, saying, “As you make decisions about our family’s future today, please keep in mind that Russell means so many different things to so many different people.”

Laffitte’s spouse stated that her love for him grew daily while remembering how he asked her to marry just after dating for two months.

Mrs. Laffitte also revealed that her husband had lost significant weight as he constantly questioned his actions and their effect on the victims.

Russell’s family also described him as a trusted linchpin, with longtime friends recounting how he led local fundraisers and worked the concession stand at school sports.

Susie said Russell is the one that all family members, regardless of age, turn to for guidance and assistance.

Before the sentence, nine friends and family testified about the former banker’s character.

A friend, who is also a banker, called Laffitte a “gentle giant” who consoled him when his son died and brought him a generator after driving six hours following a hurricane.

Russell Laffitte’s daughter expressed her love for her dad and the many things he did to earn that love. Then Laffitte got up and embraced her as she returned to her seat.

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