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Who Is Ryan Fournier Girlfriend? Assault Case Of Students For Trump Founder

After all his efforts for the Students for Trump campaign, Ryan Fournier has gained huge attention from the general public. But the recent controversy of Ryan Fournier revolving around his girlfriend is raising eyebrows.

Ryan Fournier is a famous name in American politics as he is a conservative activist and a political commentator.

He was born in 1995 on December 8th and is the founder and chairman of the American youth group Students for Trump.

Ryan spent most of his life in Clayton, North Carolina, although he was born in Long Branch, New Jersey.

His journey in politics started after he decided to volunteer for the 2012 presidential campaign.

However, a recent controversy has made Ryan Fournier get into various headlines, and the controversy revolves around his alleged assault on his girlfriend.

Ryan Fournier Faces Charges Of Assault On Girlfriend: Preplanned Scandal?

On the 28th of November, 2023, Ryan Fournier was taken into charge by the North Carolina Police Department.

His girlfriend, who does not want to disclose her identity, has made reports on Ryan for assaulting her.

Ryan Fournier Girlfriend
Ryan Fournier’s girlfriend is trending on Twitter for her allegations. (Source: Twitter)

She says that Ryan grabbed her arms and struck her in the forehead with a handgun.

Further, Ryan’s girlfriend does not appear to have many signs of the attack.

Luckily, she only has a few physical aftermaths and not many scars to remind her of the incident.

But the description of the alleged attack does seem to raise concerns about domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is a very sensitive subject and not something that should be taken lightly.

Ryan Fournier, who is an up-and-coming politician, has got himself into big trouble after this incident.

Right now, he is out of jail after posting a $2500 bond to the court.

Further, Ryan is supposed to make the court hearing on the 18th of December, 2023.

Ryan Fournier donald trump
Donald Trump seems to be a huge idol for Ryan Fournier. (Source: Twitter)

We will only know whether the allegations were true or false after the judge decides the verdict.

It is not uncommon for politicians like Ryan to get into scandals like this.

Some of his supporters suggest that this controversy was a great plan from the opposition to defeat him.

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Twitter War Over Ryan Fournier: Supporters Reject Assault Allegations

The supporters of Ryan Fournier are not willing to accept that their favorite politician could have assaulted anyone.

But allegations about his girlfriend are also surfacing, and people are suggesting that Ryan Fournier girlfriend is doing this for money.

Netizens on Twitter also discuss that many oppositions see Ryan’s rise in politics as a threat.

They accuse the girlfriend of Ryan Fournier of receiving a hefty amount of money for putting such allegations on him.

Ryan Fournier jail
Being in jail is not a good look for any up-and-coming politician. Unfortunately, Ryan could not escape it. (Source: Twitter)

Other people on Twitter do not believe in such theories.

They support the girlfriend of Ryan Fournier and suggest that she has nothing to do with Ryan’s political career.

According to them, this is just another heartbreaking domestic abuse case.

Nonetheless, we will only get to know the truth after the verdict. Till then, it is important not to bully or make fun of anyone on the internet with speculations.

The allegations of a domestic abuser should not be given to anyone without a legitimate verdict.

Hopefully, the court and the jury will be able to provide justice to whoever is innocent and punish the guilty.

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