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Is Ryan Garcia Illuminati Or Was He Abducted By Them? Exposed!

As Ryan Garcia came out to address the public following his death video, his statements about the incident have raised concerns about his connection with the Illuminati.

Ryan Garcia is a prominent American fighter, widely recognized for his flourishing career in professional boxing.

As a world-famous boxer, he has already held the fourth position in The Ring Magazine’s best lightweight boxers in 2023.

Born on August 8, 1998, he also won the World Boxing Council (WBC) interim lightweight title in 2021.

With an uprising career and his amazing skillset, Ryan has earned worldwide recognition among boxing enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, a recent video shared by the boxer through his Twitter and Instagram has turned out as a major topic all across the internet.

Furthermore, as the video continued to circulate online, later that day, Ryan eventually broke his silence and addressed the public.

Moreover, during his public address, he claimed about a forced abduction and meeting with the Illuminati.

As a result, netizens have started speculating and questioning whether Ryan Garcia is associated with the Illuminati or was abducted by them.

Is Ryan Garcia Illuminati Or Was He Abducted By Them? Exposed!

In the recent turn of events, the statement from Ryan Garcia has sparked curiosity about his connection with the Illuminati.

All of these initially started after a video claiming him dead started to surface on Twitter and Instagram on March 3rd.

Although he didn’t address the public at the beginning, but the end of the day, Ryan eventually came out to the public.

During his public appearance, he shared various statements regarding the Illuminati and his situation during the whole day.

Ryan Garcia sitting in a sofa shirtless.
Ryan’s connection with the Illuminati is still a mystery. (Source: Instagram)

In a video shared through his Twitter, Ryan Garcia claimed to have lost his phone and been abducted by the Illuminati.

In addition to this statement, he also claimed to be a victim of sexual abuse and spoke out against human trafficking.

After sharing numerous tweets about serious topics, Ryan finally ended it all with a live Twitter space with Andrew Tate.

During this live, he mentioned being taken into the woods and forced to watch people commit atrocities on children.

Moreover, he claimed to have proof of all these incidents and accused the higher elites of all these disturbing incidents.

Following this statement from Ryan Garcia, many of his fans are concerned about his connection with the Illuminati.

Ryan Garcia captured in front of a Christmas tree.
Ryan’s statements do suggest his encounter with the Illuminati. (Source: Instagram)

However, he has not pointed out anything about Illuminati but based on his statement, it surely seems like a mess.

Nevertheless, unless further confirmation from Ryan or his close ones, it is hard to conclude his connection with Illuminati.

Until then we can keep an eye on the online sources if Ryan releases all the proofs in the future.

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Ryan Garcia’s Incident Explained: What Was The Fuss All About?

Well, all these initially started on March 3rd after a video claiming Ryan Garcia as dead went public.

The video that went online wrote,

We slit RG’s throat and threw him in a basket, nobody will find him.

Although, his Twitter doesn’t have the video anymore, but during its circulation, his fans flooded the internet with concerns about his well-being.

Ryan Garcia who seems to be associated with illuminati captured during a golf match.
Ryan shared various tweets throughout the day. (Source: Instagram)

However, his close ones came up to address the public stating the video was a troll.

Despite these claims from his close ones, Ryan eventually came online through his Twitter and started sharing multiple tweets.

Since then the internet has remained on the verge of exploding as he spoke about an abduction connected to the higher elites.

Moreover, as we wait for further information, the incident has already turned into a global topic.

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