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Ryan Garcia Wife Andrea Celina Instagram Viral With Dead Video!

With the recent video about the death of Ryan Garcia making headlines, people globally are awaiting further statements from his ex-wife on the incident.

Ryan Garcia is an accomplished American personality, renowned for his career in professional boxing.

Born on August 8, 1998, he held the World Boxing Council (WBC) interim lightweight title in 2021.

Additionally, he was also the fourth-best lightweight boxer in 2023 according to The Ring magazine.

Moreover, Ryan’s career as a professional boxer has earned him worldwide fame as a uprising talent in the boxing world.

However, as he prepares for his upcoming fight with Haney, a video shared on his Twitter and Instagram has started making headline.

The disturbing video of Ryan shared on his social sites claiming him as dead has raised concern among his fans and followers.

Meanwhile, the ex-wife of Ryan Garcia has responded to the video through her social media explaining about his current situation.

Ryan Garcia Wife Andrea Celina’s Instagram Goes Viral With Dead Video!

As the disturbing video of Ryan Garcia being dead continues to circulate online, many are referring to his ex-wife for further details.

Due to people’s increasing interest, his ex-wife, Andrea Celina has turned out as a major topic all over the internet.

The video initially went public through the Twitter and Instagram of the Californian boxer on 3rd March.

Since the circulation of this video, many of Ryan’s fans and followers have flooded the internet with concerns about his well-being.

Screenshot of the video shared by Ryan Garcia.
The actual source of the video is still unclear. (Source: Twitter)

However, it is still unclear whether the videos were shared by Ryan himself or not.

Although, his father has come to address the public, saying that his son was just trolling followers with the video.

Additionally, he also hinted that there was more going on behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, the ex-wife of Ryan Garcia has also taken to her Instagram stating that he was not well, claiming the post as true.

She wrote a long message in her Instagram story asking her followers to pray for the well-being of Ryan.

Ryan Garcia captured with his wife Andrea.
Ryan’s ex-wife Garcia addressed the public regarding the video. (Source: TMZ)

Still, many people are left in confusion and awaiting further confirmation from his camp.

Moreover, it is uncertain at the moment whether the videos shared on his social sites are true or not.

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Online User’s Reaction To Ryan’s Viral Video: Fans Await Further Confirmation

As the video went online from Ryan Garcia’s account, his global fans started going online for further details.

Since the day of the video’s release, many people have shared their opinions on the post.

Among these reactions lies people’s concern about his well-being and the credibility of the video.

The radio silence from Ryan’s camp on the disturbing content has further left most of the online users concerned for the health of the fighter.

Some of them have claimed that he might have been hacked while others prayed for the well-being of the boxer.

Screenshot of Ryan's video reaction.
Ryan’s video received a worldwide reaction from his fans and followers. (Source: Daily Mail)

Meanwhile, other fellow fighters also came in to share their concern on the post.

An MMA fighter, Dillon Danis wrote,

I’ll pray for you to get help man feel bad for you.

Additionally, some of them even suggested Ryan to cancel the upcoming fight and focus on his mental health instead.

In the meantime, many have connected the incident with his recent divorce from model Andrea Celina.

Although his divorce doesn’t seem related to the video in any matter, as he has already moved to another girlfriend just two months after the divorce.

Moreover, the video is still a mystery as Ryan has not been around since the post to explain about the situation.

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