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Sab Zada Ethnicity, Where Is She From? Parents And Family

Sab Zada is an influencer and model who is very popular online. What is her ethnic background? Dive in to find out. 

She goes by the name “Pasabist” and has over 815,000 Instagram followers, where she posts about her life.

Sab is also active on TikTok, posting dances and participating in trends that show her fun personality.

Zada additionally runs a YouTube channel where she shares vlogs about makeup, fashion, cooking, and more to give tips and inspiration to her subscribers.

Beyond social media, she models with a major Los Angeles agency and has partnered with brands like L’Oreal and Crocs.

With her large online fanbase and modelling success, Zada has become a rising star as an influencer and model.

She connects with fans through her YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and TikTok dances and continues to gain followers thanks to her sense of style and fun personality.

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Sab Zada Ethnicity, Where Is She From?

Sab Zada was born on 1999, as of now, 2024, 24 years old. 

Zada is an influencer who keeps much of her personal life out of the public eye.

What is known is that she was born and raised in Houston, Texas, though she has shared little about her childhood.

As per reports, she holds a mixed ethnicity that reflects the diversity of her home state, with Chinese, Filipino, and Hispanic heritage.

As for vital details, Zada’s birthdate is June 18th, making her a Gemini. She attended high school locally in Texas before enrolling at Texas State University.

Sab Zada ethnicity
Sab Zada has tons of followers on her social media handles (Source: Instagram)

After graduating, Zada set her sights on bigger dreams and headed west to Los Angeles.

The move proved a pivotal moment, allowing this small-town Texas native to launch her modelling career.

Though relatively little is known about her early days in Huston or her family lineage, Zada found success stepping into a larger spotlight.

Trading anonymity for fame, she has gained over half a million Instagram followers.

While Zada continues to keep personal matters private as her modelling and influencing career grows, her Texan roots and June birthday hint there is more beneath the surface than glamorous selfies.

For now, the Lone Star State lays claim to this rising talent who has charted her own course across social media and catwalks.

Sab Zada Family 

Zada has become an influencer and musician without sharing much about her family background online.

Though she posts a lot on social media, she doesn’t reveal personal details and likes to focus on her work projects instead.

It seems likely Zada had a supportive family growing up. Succeeding as she has in these careers is very tough without having people to encourage you along the way.

The long hours and financial ups and downs could overwhelm someone without a nurturing group of family and friends behind them.

Zada may keep her family and childhood private to shield them from the intense public scrutiny that famous people often face online.

Sab Zada ethnicity
An adorable image of Sab Zada in her hometown, Houston (Source: Instagram)

But her success suggests she probably had influential family members like her parents or a sibling who fuelled her passions and talents from a young age.

While Zada doesn’t post about her family, her accomplishments indicate she likely had a strong support system early on.

As she continues her busy career in the spotlight, keeping some privacy allows her to connect with fans while also maintaining a work-life balance.

For now, supporters can only speculate about her history and wish her well as she takes on exciting but demanding projects.

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