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SABC Livhu Arrested For The Death Of His Wife Livhuwani Madadzhe: Is Limpopo Comedian In Jail?

People are curious to know more about SABC Livhu Arrested For The Death Of His Wife, Livhuwani Madadzhe.

SABC Livhu is a popular South African comedian and actor who has been entertaining audiences across the country for over two decades.

He is best known for his stand-up comedy, which often features observational humor about everyday life in South Africa.

His sketches have become iconic within the country and he has even released several albums of his own original material.

The famous comedian, SABC Livhu’s wife, was reportedly discovered dead this morning at their Ha-Sidou home, according to reports corroborated by the Police.

A day prior, Madadzhe was charged with assault in the Thohoyandou magistrate’s court. His wife reportedly dropped the charges against him.

For the time being, the cops are still on the site. The Police spokeswoman stated, “We don’t know the cause of death, but her husband contacted and told us that he found her dead.

The Police said that Madadzhe was questioned about the death but did not specify if he was a suspect in the investigation.

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SABC Livhu Arrested For The Death Of His Wife Livhuwani Madadzhe

 SABC Livhu was arrested with the passing of his wife, Lindelani “Mmea Muofhe” Nengovhela.

This morning, her body was discovered at their Mangani Ha-Sidou residence. Although the authorities withheld the suspect’s name, it is evident that Madadzhe was detained on a murder charge.

According to Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe, the Provincial Commissioner of Limpopo, “The Police in Thohoyandou have detained a 38-year-old man after his wife’s body was found in the water-filled pit latrine hole in their yard.”

Hadebe characterized it as another instance of femicide and gender-based violence against a helpless member of society.

SABC Livhu Arrested
SABC Livhu with his late wife, Lindelani “Mmea Muofhe” Nengovhela. (Source: Limpopo Mirror)

“The woman believed her husband would stop physically abusing her, but she is no longer with us.

We implore community members experiencing domestic difficulties in getting assistance and refraining from using violence,” he stated.

Limpopo Mirror has extensively covered the turbulent marriage of Madadzhe and his 33-year-old wife.

Lindelani alleged that her spouse had physically mistreated her in August 2021. In addition, she claimed that he verbally and emotionally assaulted her while bringing women into their marital homes.

She said he had mistreated her at the time over social media, even claiming he had hit her on the butt with a sugar cane.

Friday, after 13:00, Madadzhe uploaded images of himself and a visibly happy Lindelani to his Facebook page.

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Is Limpopo Comedian In Jail?

Madadzhe was detained in October of last year when Lindelani brought fresh allegations. He was then taken into custody, but the matter was repeatedly tabled.

Next week, he was supposed to appear in the Thohoyandou magistrate’s court. Lindelani withdrew the accusations against her husband in court on Friday, January 27.

SABC Livhu 2
SABC Livhu with his late wife and child. (Source: Limpopo Mirror)

According to Genl Hadebe, “the suspect called the Police this morning and said that he could not find his wife but was startled to find her dead in the pit latrine hole in their yard.”

He stated that the suspect was taken into custody on a murder accusation following a preliminary investigation by the Police at the spot.

On Monday, January 30, Madadzhe is anticipated to appear before the Thohoyandou magistrate court.

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