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Sahil Gehlot Religion: Is He Muslim? Family Ethnicity

Sahil Gehlot religion has gained huge public attention as a social media post has claimed that he belongs to the Muslim community. Let’s explore his religion.

Sahil Gehlot is the accused murderer who allegedly killed his long-time live-in partner Nikki Yadav. Besides, he is reported to be a recent pharma graduate whose family operates a dhaba at Mitraon village. 

Gehlot strangled Nikki with a mobile cable after the two had a very heated debate. Reportedly, the accused family had already arranged his marriage with another lady, and the victim was unaware of the developments.

Following the murder case, everyone on social media has been talking about Sahil and mainly, people are concerned about his religion. So, collecting everyone’s piece of information, here’s more info about his faith.

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Sahil Gehlot Religion: Is He Muslim?

According to Vishvas News, Sahil Gehlot’s religion is not Muslim, but he is Hindu. Many believed that Gehlot was Muslim when a social media post claiming that Sahil belonged to the Muslim community went viral.

When the post was shared on Facebook, it went viral, and people thought that Gehlot was Muslim and belonged to the Muslim community.

Sahil Gehlot Religion
Sahil Gehlot is said to be a Hindu person, but a viral social media post claimed that he belongs to the Muslim community. (Source: Times of India)

With that, people have given their own opinions regarding Gehlot’s religion. As of now, none of the national media have covered the news regarding Sahil’s faith, and he himself has not said anything regarding this matter.

So, it becomes clear that Sahil is Hindu, and it has also been confirmed by Vishvas News.

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Sahil Gehlot Family and Ethnicity

Sahil Gehlot was born in Najafgarh, Delhi, and he belongs to a Jaat family in Mitraon village. Furthermore, Gehlot holds an Indian nationality, but his actual ethnicity remains under review.

When the murder case related to Nikki came into the media, he and his family also became a hot topic. Sahil and Nikki tied the knot in October 2020 at the Arya Samaj temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida.

Despite their marriage, Gehlot’s family was reportedly unhappy with the marriage and wanted her gone. Due to that, his family also fixed their son’s marriage to another woman in December 2022.

But Nikki was kept in the dark. It has been reported that Gehlot murdered her on the day of his wedding to another lady after a three-hour fight over the issue.

Sahil Gehlot and Nikki Yadav
Sahil Gehlot murdered Nikki Yadav on the day of his wedding to another lady after a three-hour fight over the issue. (Source: India Today)

After murdering, Gehlot reportedly stuffed Nikki in the fridge. The incident became public on February 14, when Nikki’s dad could not contact her and filed a complaint.

Following that, Sahil was arrested, and a case was booked under sections 302 and 201 under the Indian Penal Code. In the murder cases, Sahil’s dad Virendra Singh and brothers, Anish and Naveen were also arrested.

Apart from that, his friends Lokesh and Amar were also arrested after Police found that Sahil’s family and friends were involved in the murder.

Also, it has been said that Sahil’s cousin’s brother and a friend helped him hide Nikki’s body in a fridge at his family-owned dhaba just 700 meters from his parent’s home. 

After that, Police also gave a report saying that Sahil’s new bride had gone back to her parent’s home. 

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