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Saint Harison Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is British Singer?

With the increasing popularity of the British singer Saint Harison, people globally have shown interest in his personal life and are actively searching for his Wikipedia.

Saint Harison is a rising British singer and songwriter famous for his captivating voice and personality, mainly due to his pink hair.

He gained widespread attention following the release of his debut single Why Didn’t You Call??

Before releasing his debut song, Saint was already popular on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Meanwhile, his unique and powerful voice has helped him catch the attention of many famous artists, including Justine Bieber. 

Moreover, as he continues to catch people’s attention, the Wikipedia of Saint Harison has become one of the most searched topics on the internet.

Saint Harison Wikipedia: Early Life And Family

Despite being a rising star in the music industry, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page for Saint Harison.

However, the following article will provide you with all the major information found in Wikipedia.

Saint Harrison was born eldest to his parents on December 16, 1996, in Southampton, United Kingdom. He is currently 27 years old.

Saint Harison's photo during his childhood.
Saint Harison’s mother played an essential role in his career. (Source: Instagram)

He was raised in a British family alongside his brother and sister, whose names have not been publicly disclosed yet.

Saint grew up in a struggling household, experiencing an abusive nature from his father. With that, it’s absolute that he bonded more with his mom.

Meanwhile, his mother introduced him to noughties pop music of powerful women like Amy Winehouse at an early age. 

Inspired by that, he soon started writing songs and always prioritized expressing the pain he endured in childhood through his songs. 

Eventually, he left the house with his mother and siblings in search of a better future, away from the struggles. 

Saint Harison taking a mirror selfie wearing a white printed t-shirt.
Saint’s musical journey is deeply tied to his childhood experience. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, talking about his academics, Saint completed his schooling at the local high school.

Later, he pursued musical theater at an undisclosed University and eventually dropped out and moved to London. 

After all this, it’s indeed true that the early years of Saint Harison were filled with struggles and hardships that played an important role in making him what he is now. 

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Details on Saint Harrison Music Career 

Growing up in Southampton, Saint started writing songs when he was just 13 years old.

Soon, he started participating in various local singing competitions and began teaching choir and music in schools. 

After much hard work, he bought a Macbook with the prize money he had collected from the local singing competitions. 

Saint captured wearing a black shirt.
Saint has more than 600 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, as he grew older, he started performing at various weddings and other events for a living. 

He also started a YouTube channel on June 1, 2011, and posted acoustic song covers. 

His captivating performances on YouTube soon gained recognition, and he currently has more than 68.8k subscribers.

Moreover, Saint Harison gained notable attention in 2020 following the release of his singles Lost A Friend and TMF, which are noteworthy in his Wikipedia.

These singles immediately gained widespread attention, and his further appearance in Colors Show in 2021 helped him expand his audience.  

Following the success of his debut singles, Saint continued releasing new music, collaborating with artists like Tiana Major9.

Further, in 2023, he released his debut album, Lost A Friend, instantly catching the attention of well-known artists like Justin Bieber and Jennifer Hudson. 

Moreover, the journey of Saint from a struggling household to a well-known artist is an inspiration for many.

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