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Samantha Lee Wikipedia, Age: Meet Tyrese Gibson Ex Wife

Expressing frustration, Tyrese Gibson revealed that Samantha Lee has been ordering over $20k in child support following their divorce, which made people search for her details on her Wikipedia page.

In addition to being a YouTuber, Samantha Lee is a registered clinical social worker in the US.

Her passion for helping people led her to become a licensed clinical social worker.

She constantly engages with her audience by sharing details of her life and experiences on her YouTube channel and Instagram account.

She gained recognition in 2017 after marrying Tyrese Gibson, actor of Fast & Furious.

But after only three years together, in 2020, they called it quits on their marriage.

However, the attention has shifted towards Samantha Lee Wikipedia page, as her ex-husband expresses his frustration.

A Sneak Peek On Samantha Lee Wikipedia

To date, Samantha Lee has only been recognized as the wife of an American actor and singer, Tyrese Gibson.

As of now, there is no Wikipedia page that is dedicated to Samantha Lee. However, this article provides a preview of her life.

Samantha's instagram post
Samantha achieved an impressive GPA of 3.9 as a social worker. (Source: Instagram)

Samantha Lee Gibson was born on October 28, 1989, in New Jersey, USA, making her 34 years old in 2023.

Her mother’s and father’s names are Patti Randolph and Tom Schwalenberg, and she grew up with two brothers.

Moreover, her heritage is a blend of African American, Jamaican, and Ecuadorian cultures, capturing American culture’s diversity.

Moreover, she has a distinctive and captivating personality, probably influenced by her multicultural background.

Additionally, she continued her education at the University of Georgia after graduating from a nearby high school in her hometown.

Samantha with her daughter Soraya.
She came to recognition after she married Tyrese Gibson. (Source: Instagram)

Her completion of a bachelor’s degree in psychology demonstrated her commitment to learning about human behavior and emotions.

Continuing her commitment to education, Samantha achieved an impressive GPA of 3.9 as a social worker, showcasing both her intelligence and diligence.

She also graduated from the Bartending School of Atlanta with a legal degree, showcasing her broad range of abilities.

Moreover, she recently passed the test to become a licensed clinical social worker.

In the year 2017, she stepped into the spotlight by exchanging vows with Fast and Furious star Tyrese Gibson.

They have a beautiful 5-year-old daughter named Soraya Gibson.

However, their marriage came to an end just after 3 years in 2020, making people curious about Samantha Lee, hence searching her Wikipedia.

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Tyrese Gibson Expressed Frustration Over Samantha?

In 2020, Samantha Lee and Tyrese Gibson called it quits on their marriage.

As they are divorced and have a daughter, Gibson pays her for the child support.

Moreover, in an interview, Samantha says she is willing to give Gibson a chance under some circumstances.

Tyrese Gibson and Samantha Lee together.
She wants to give Gibson a second chance under some conditions. (Source: Twitter)

Recently, when Tyrese Gibson appeared on Joe Budden’s podcast, he expressed his frustration about the amount he pays.

“f you had people in your ear at the time, they must be still in your ear because you still trying to get $20,000 a month for a 5-year-old.

However, Gibson accuses her of seeking clout and engaging in a publicity stunt.

Additionally, he also states that he does not want her back.

Therefore, Samantha Lee internet search has surged, with people actively seeking her information on Wikipedia.

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