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Sameer Kazi Beed Viral Video On Telegram: Milia Secondary School Teacher Suspended

Sameer Kazi Beed viral video has stirred controversy, leading to investigations and legal actions.

A scandalous incident has unfolded in Maharashtra’s Beed district involving a teacher named Sameer at Milliya Secondary School.

The controversy centers around explicit MMS videos featuring Sameer and three female teachers from the same school.

These videos found their way onto unauthorized adult private messaging groups. It led to widespread circulation and raising questions about the illicit sharing of such content.

This article delves into the details of the Sameer Kazi Beed viral video on Telegram and the subsequent suspension of Sameer from Milia Secondary School.

Sameer Kazi Beed Viral Video On Telegram

The explicit video content involving Sameer Kazi Beed went viral on Telegram.

Sameer Kazi Beed Viral Video

The tweet suggests that it is sharing information or content related to Sameer Kazi Beed. (Source: Twitter)

Due to the pronunciation variations of Sameer’s name, the scandalous videos on private messaging groups included a range of taglines. They were mispelled as Amer, Qazi and Aamer.

The explicit MMS videos depicting Sameer with three female teachers became a topic of discussion on various platforms. 

The videos were not limited to a single social media platform. Meanwhile, they found their way to unauthorized adult private messaging groups, including Telegram.

The scandal took a legal turn when the school principal filed a complaint. It led to the police filing an FIR against Sameer.

The charges, including sections 292(2), 294, and 500 of the IPC, along with IT Act violations, underscore the severity of the situation. Sameer, currently on the run, prompted a police search.

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The investigation focuses on the extent of Sameer’s relationships with other women.

Milia Secondary School Teacher Sameer Kazi Suspended

Following the controversy surrounding explicit content, Milia Secondary School teacher Sameer Kazi has been suspended.

Sameer Kazi Beed Viral Video
The tweet appears to provide a link or information about a video related to Sameer Kazi Beed. (Source: Twitter)

Sameer’s wife, amid the controversy, publicly accused him of immoral behavior. They filed a complaint at the City Kotwali police station in Beed district.

The Milliya School, operating under the Anjuman Ishat-e-Talim organization, now faces the repercussions of the scandal.

Despite the seriousness of the charges, Sameer’s whereabouts remain unknown as he continues to evade the authorities. The school administration has been reacting to the scandal.

They also suspended the three female teachers involved in the explicit videos. The accusations from Sameer’s wife unveil a troubling narrative.

She alleged that Sameer openly confessed to having illicit relations with multiple girls and even marrying another woman since 2012.

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His wife, married to him for 16 years, claimed suspicions about her husband’s activities dating back to 2012. 

Sameer Kazi Wife Accused Him Of Immoral Behaviour

Sameer’s wife’s allegations suggest that she initially fell victim to deception, discovering his indiscretions in 2019. 

Sameer openly confessed to his extramarital affairs, advising his wife to accept the situation. The wife continued reporting Sameer’s misdeeds to a female officer in the school management.

Despite providing evidence, her efforts seemingly went unnoticed or were dismissed. It forced her to save photos and videos from Sameer’s laptop on a pen drive to substantiate her claims.

The scandal took a toll on Sameer’s wife exposed the explicit nature of his relationships with female teachers. It also revealing the alleged practice of bringing girls not only to school but also into their houses. 

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Protests against these actions led to threats against Sameer’s wife, creating an environment of fear and insecurity.


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