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Who Is Sammie Zappe? Bailey Zappe Mom Age Gap Family Ethnicity

Sammie Zappe is the famed mother of Bailey Zappe, a famous football quarterback. 

Many people know Bailey Zappee as an American football player from the New England Patriots of the NFL. 

He started his professional career after New England Patriots drafted him in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Drafts.

Before being drafted by the Patriots, he played college football with Houston Baptist and Western Kentucky. But he has been aging many fans after he started his professional career. 

Who Is Sammie Zappe?

Sammie Zappe is the mother of Bailey Zappe, who has been aging much popularity because of his son. 

She has always been the biggest support to his son’s career, and she often has been seen in his game to support him. Sammie Zappe has been married to Michael Zappe for a very long time. 

Both parents have been Bailey’s inspiration, they always supported him in his career, and he never let them do. 

Sammie Zappe has been keeping a low profile and has not publicly shared much information about herself. And Bailey has always respected his mother’s privacy. Also, it’s her choice to keep it private. 

So, there is only a little information about Bailey’s mother, Sammie Zappe. 

Age Gap Between Bailey Zappe And His Mother Sammie Zappe

Sammie Zappe welcomed his son Bailey into this world on 26 April 1999; he is now 23 years old. 

Sammie Zappe has not disclosed information about her age, so we are all unknown of his mother’s age. But looking at the picture, she seems to be in her early 50. 

So, that means the age of his mother is almost 20 years. They do not share less age gap than 20 years.

Although this information is based on a picture his mother shared, this might not be a real age difference, but it might be more but not less.

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Bailey Zappe Family Details and Ethnicity

Bailey Zappe was born into an ordinary family; his parents are Michale Zappe and Sammie Zappe, who have been with him since birth. 

His parents have been keeping a low profile; they live together and have been married for more than 25 years. 

Bailey Zappe with his parents
Bailey Zappe with his parents. Image Source: Instagram

Bailey is not a single child; he was raised with Trent Zappe, his younger brother.He has always supported him as an elder brother, and they seem to share a great bond, although they do not have the same interest. His brother has not shared much information about him, well. 

Talking about his ethnicity, he belongs to White Ethnicity. He was born in the United States, so he holds American Nationality.

His parents were permanent residents of the United States, so everyone in the family belongs to White Ethnicity and has American Nationality. 

Bailey Zappe GirlFriend Hanna Lewis

Bailey Zappa’s fans were curious to know about his relationship status. Bailey has been in a relationship with his high school sweetheart Hanna Lewis for a long time. 

Bailey often shares pictures of them, and he recently posted a picture with the caption, “Happy fifth Anniversary, baby girl,” which means they started dating in 2018. 

Bailey Zappe Instagram Post with his girlfriend
Bailey Zappe Instagram Post with his girlfriend. Image Source: Instagram

Hanna seems to be a supportive girlfriend, and she often is present in his game to support him. The couple appears to have a great bond, per what Bailey shares on his Instagram. More information about his girlfriend, like her profession and others, has not been disclosed yet. 

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