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Who Are Sandra And Antonio DiNardo, Cosmo DiNardo Parents? Family Ethnicity

In 2020, a judge ruled that quadruple murderer Cosmo DiNardo parents could be held liable for his crime. Cosmo killed four young men ages 19-21 in 2017.

Five years after, the families of the four victims settled their wrongful death lawsuits against DiNardo and his parents.

Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Michael Kratz reportedly killed the four teens in three different incidents, each after DiNardo set up a marijuana sale to them. DiNardo and Michael were 20 years old when they committed the crime.

Cosmo DiNardo’s victims were Thomas C. Meo, 21, Jimi T. Patrick, 19, Dean A. Finocchiaro, 19, and Mark R. Sturgis.

The court records show the terms of the settlements reached earlier this month in lawsuits filed in Philadelphia’s Common Pleas Court.

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Who Are Sandra And Antonio DiNardo, Cosmo DiNardo Parents? Family Ethnicity

Sandra DiNardo and Antonio DiNardo are Cosmo DiNardo’s mother and father respectively. He was born on 21 January 1997 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, United States.

Cosmo Dinardo Parents
Quadruple murderer Cosmo Dinardo’s mother (left) and father (center). (Image Source: Philadelphia Inquirer)

In 2020, a judge ruled that the murderer Cosmo DiNardo’s parents could be sued.

Associated Press reported that the court decided Cosmo’s parents can be held accountable for their son’s 2017 murder of four men.

The plaintiffs, the family of the victim Jimi T. Patrick, contend that despite being aware of the defendant’s mental health problems and violent behavior, DiNardos failed to prevent the defendant from obtaining firearms on their property.

Cosmo Dinardo Parents
The relatives of the victims of Cosmo Dinardo filed a lawsuit against his parents in 2020. (Image Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer)

In the lawsuit the victims’ families filed against DiNardo’s parents, they said they should have forbidden him from accessing firearms, ATVs, and construction machinery as they knew about his mental health issues.

In announcing the lawsuit’s filing in 2018, one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys claimed DiNardo’s parents provided him with a “playland for illegal acts.”

A motion to dismiss the case was denied by the judge.

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Cosmo DiNardo Is Serving Life Sentence

Cosmo DiNardo is imprisoned in the state correctional facility in Phoenix. The 27-year-old is serving four consecutive life sentences for killing four young men on his family farm in Solebury Township.

Cosmo confessed to killing Thomas C. Meo, Jimi T. Patrick, Dean A. Finocchiaro, and Mark R. Sturgis only in 2018.

Moreover, in an interview, Sandra disclosed that her son was diagnosed with a major depressive order in 2016.

Things drastically altered after an ATV accident in May 2016 on the family farm, where he was seriously hurt and spent hours trapped under the vehicle.

Cosmo’s mother said he developed an aggressive personality afterward. The mother claimed he bit her and gave her a black eye when she tried to get him to admit him into a hospital.

Amber Peters, whose boyfriend was formerly close to the criminal, said, “Cosmo was crazy.” “He has been talking about killing people since he was fourteen,” added Peters.

According to a friend, DiNardo punched two people when he saw them talking to his girlfriend when he was 15.

In July 2017, Cosmo lured the teens to the farm under the pretext of providing them with marijuana. DiNardo shot and killed three of the victims. The fourth victim was killed by Cosmo DiNardo’s cousin, Sean Kratz.

Kratz was found guilty of first-degree murder. Sean is also serving a life sentence in state prison.

DiNardo reportedly attempted to burn his victim’s body and used the backhoe to bury their dead body on the farm.

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