HomesingerSarah Geronimo Illness and Health 2023: What Happened to Filipino Singer?

Sarah Geronimo Illness and Health 2023: What Happened to Filipino Singer?

Sarah Geronimo illness has remained in the fans’ minds for a long time as the Filipino singer has not revealed what actually happened to her.

Sarah Geronimo is a famous singer, performer, and Actress from the Philippines who have been working in this field for a long time. 

Meanwhile, Geronimo shot to fame after winning the television singing contest Star for a Night. This also earned her a recording contract with Viva Records.

Due to her amazing work, Geronimo has been able to take home multiple awards, including the 15 Awit Awards, 4 FAMAS Awards, and 8 Aliw Awards.

Likewise, Sarah has gained a huge fan base, and her followers often ask questions regarding her health condition. So, here’s everything you need to know about her health.

Sarah Geronimo Illness: What Happened to Filipino Singer?

Sarah Geronimo’s illness is among people’s search as the Filipino singer once talked about her health. The topic of her illness came into the media when her shows or events were canceled.

In 2016, Geronimo opened up about her health after canceled shows. She talked with ABS-CBN News, revealing that she was doing fine, but she didn’t go into detail.

Due to that, it can’t be mentioned what the Filipino singer is actually diagnosed with. Furthermore, fans and well-wishers are unaware of her illness. So, she may give more info soon.

Sarah Geronimo Illness
Sarah Geronimo already talked about her health update, but she didn’t disclose much. ( Source: Instagram )

On the other hand, Geronimo once opened up about her mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic as she was dealing with anxiety. 

During that time, her new life was just started as a married woman, and she was looking forward to doing more projects. But due to the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone was topped, and the singer was facing challenges.

However, Geronimo was trying new things to cope with anxiety and mental issues. Now, she must be doing well.

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Sarah Geronimo Health Update 2024

As of 2024, Sarah Geronimo seems to be doing well, and there are no issues with her health. As mentioned earlier, Sarah had some problems in the past, which she has talked about with the media.

However, Geronimo has not gone in deep about her health condition, making it a mysterious topic to the public. Sarah is an active Instagram user.

Sarah Geronimo Health Update
Sarah Geronimo is doing fine and there are no issues with her health. ( Source: Instagram )

Furthermore, we can follow her on Instagram under the username @justsarahgph, and over 2.2 million people have followed him there. So, Sarah is making regular posts on Instagram.

This makes it clear that the singer is doing well in her personal and professional lives.

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Sarah Geronimo Scandal Explained

Just like the topic of her health, fans are searching for the Sarah Geronimo scandal. Her scandal has remained in the limelight for a long time.

Many of her fans and well-wishers initially believed that Geronimo’s private video was leaked as some fake accounts on Twitter began sharing fake videos and pictures.

Sarah Geronimo Scandal
Sarah Geronimo’s fake scandal once dragged her into the controversy, but the singer didn’t make any comments. ( Source: Instagram )

So, it can be confirmed that her scandal is fake, and all of them were created just to get likes and views. Also, her followers on social media showered support for the singer, but Sarah has not commented anything on this matter. 

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