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Sarah Kate Ellis Transgender or Gay! GLAAD CEO Sexuality, Wife

The trending Emmy speech by Sarah Kate Ellis about the trans community has shifted the interest of netizens to know if the GLAAD President is transgender. Let’s explore her sexuality further in this article.

Born on November 27, 1971, Sarah Kate Ellis is an American media executive, journalist, and author.

She began her career in media through the re-launch of Condé Nast’s House & Garden.

From there, Ellis moved to New York magazine as a senior manager, then to In Style as a director.

After garnering skills at various companies, she was appointed president and CEO of GLAAD, the largest US LGBT media advocacy.

Recently, the organization took the Emmy stage to accept the Television Academy’s Governer Awards.

As the moment captured a heartfelt speech by Sarah Kate Ellis, many were quick to assume that she was transgender.

Is Sarah Kate Ellis Transgender Or Gay? Sexuality Explored

The media executive Sarah Kate Ellis has been in the news in recent times as speculations arise about her being transgender.

However, the personality has been open about her sexuality and preferences.

Further, Sarah Kate Ellis has admitted that she came out of the closet as a lesbian during her senior year of college.

Sarah Kate Ellis wearing a navy suit
Ellis was a Junior Olympic swimmer in college. (Source: Instagram)

The rumors about Sarah Kate Ellis being transgender seem to have risen from a speech she made about the community.

Moreover, the GLAAD president accepted the award that honors a person or organization that has made a long-lasting contribution to television.

In an annual report from Where We Are On TV, Ellis’s company identified 596 LGBTQ characters across all platforms.

However, the Emmy winner took the moment as an opportunity to bring attention to anti-LGBTQ bills proposed in the past year.

According to Ellis, most of the statements were against trans people living in the States.

Moreover, adding to her speech, Ellis said,

The world urgently needs culture-changing stories about transgender people. Visibility creates understanding and opens doors, it’s life-saving. 

Sarah Kate Ellis on a beach with her wife
Ellis tackled several challenges regarding her sexuality. (Source: Instagram)

As a member of the queer community, Ellis took a moment to describe how the win was important on a personal level as well.

Meanwhile, such gestures quickly turned the heads of netizens as they speculated about Sarah Kate Ellis being transgender.

Despite the claims, the rumor was debunked as the media personality mentioned her wife and children during the award ceremony.

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Wife Of GLAAD CEO: Supportive Partnership And Beautiful Family

Over the years, Sarah Kate Ellis has not shied away from mentioning her wife in several milestones.

Ellis is married to Kristen Ellis-Henderson, a founding member of the all-female rock band Antigone Rising.

Further, their wedding was the first performed in the Episcopal Church of New York after marriage equality was passed in the State.

Sarah Kate Ellis's kids holding pride flags
Ellis wants to create a safe space for marginalized communities. (Source: Instagram)

The New York Times Style section special featured Ellis and her wife as prominent media personalities.

Moreover, the LGBTQ+ community across the nation celebrated their magical bonding.

The Huffington Post also created a 3-part web series, Here Comes the Bride, which followed the nuptials of Ellis and Henderson.

Similarly, the couple shared exciting news about their pregnancy with their followers.

The GLAAD president got pregnant on the same day in May 2008 as her wife and soon welcomed their son and daughter.

Additionally, the children presented a new aspect of their lives and improved things.

Ellis with her wife in a red carpet event
Ellis constantly receives the support of her rockstar wife. (Source: Instagram)

Soon later, the pair wrote a memoir, Times Two, Two Women in Love and the Happy Family They Made, about the experience of motherhood.

In recent days, both Ellis and Henderson have been vocal advocates of LGBT issues, especially marriage and family equality.

As they continue to break stereotypes, many wish to witness them achieving new heights.

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