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Sarah Mansour Leaked Video: Bailarina De Lunay Gone Viral on Twitter

Sarah Mansour leaked video is trending on social media platforms, and everyone is eager to know the fact. Here’s what we know.

Sarah Mansour is a talented dancer and model, having a decent fan following on her social media handles. She is also a rising TikTok star, and we can find her as @saritahmansour with more than 173.3k followers.

Mansour shares interesting dance videos on her TikTok handle and other clips many people have loved. Mansour has collected over 938.3k likes on her TikTok videos.

Likewise, Mansour is an OnlyFans model, and from her account, she delivers exclusive content to her followers. Currently, she is in people’s searches as everyone has been asking about her viral video.

Sarah Mansour Leaked Video

Sarah Mansour is trending on multiple social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. People on Twitter have been heavily searching for Sarah’s leaked video.

Many Twitter handles and other unauthorized sources have shared clips linking the name of Sarah, which turned out to be fake. Most clips are fake and created to get likes and views.

Sarah Mansour Leaked Video
Everyone is searching for Sarah Mansour’s leaked video on many social media platforms. ( Source: Twitter )

On the other hand, many have said that the viral video of Sarah was taken from her OnlyFans account and leaked on Telegram. So, it can be said that the video first went viral on Telegram, and later, it was shared on other platforms.

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Sarah Mansour Video: Bailarina De Lunay Gone Viral on Twitter 

Sarah Mansour is a dancer and model whose intimate video goes viral, and she is also trending on Twitter. The dancer’s videos have gained widespread recognition, due to which everyone is asking for the links.

As said earlier, Mansour’s video seems to be taken from her OF handle, which was first shared on Telegram. Following that, many online users took the video and shared it on Twitter and Reddit.

Sarah Mansour Video
Sarah Mansour is a TikTok star, dancer, and model who has many followers on TikTok. ( Source: TikTok )

In the viral video, it is said that Sarah was seen getting involved in an explicit moment with a guy whose name has not been revealed. As said earlier, many outlets have shared fake videos, and it was created to get views.

Despite the ongoing rumors of Mansour’s video, the dancer has not commented anything regarding this topic. While some of her followers have shown support and have requested everyone not to create fake rumors without any facts.

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Who Is Dancer Sarah Mansour?

Sarah Mansour is a dancer and model from Lebanon and has decent followers on her social media handles. According to her Instagram bio, she seems to be of dual nationality of Lebanese and Venezolana.

Likewise, Mansour has been active on TikTok for quite a while, and often shares dance videos. Her previous account on TikTok was blocked, and she created a new one.

Dancer Sarah Mansour
Sarah Mansour is known for sharing dance videos on her TikTok handle and is also famous as an OnlyFans model. ( Source: TikTok )

After that, Sarah shared her first video on her new TikTok account on June 25, 2021. Since then, she has been active on this platform, and most of her videos have gained many likes.

Furthermore, the details regarding her personal life remain unknown as Sarah is recognized chiefly for her TikTok content. 

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