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Global News Sarah Reid Husband: Is She Married To Her Boyfriend Jeremy Hall?

Get insights on Sarah Reid husband and family details, as people are interested in knowing her personally after her rumored exit from Global News.

Sarah Reid is a prominent figure in the bustling Canadian media landscape.

Renowned for her journalistic prowess, Reid is the esteemed weekend anchor of Global News Hour at 6 and Global News at 11 on Global Edmonton, earning her recognition through numerous prestigious awards.

Since 2019, she has lent her expertise to Global News, following stints at CTV in Vancouver and Calgary, solidifying her status as a seasoned journalist.

While her professional achievements are well-documented, curiosity often turns towards her personal life.

Many wonder about the man beside this accomplished woman – who is Sarah Reid’s husband? Is Jeremy Hall, her longtime boyfriend, the lucky man who won her heart?

These questions linger, prompting a closer look into the private life of this media luminary, adding an intriguing layer to her public persona.

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Sarah Reid Husband: A Longtime Love Story With Boyfriend Jeremy Hall

In a heartwarming love story, Sarah Reid, the esteemed journalist known for her anchoring on Global News, is engaged to her longtime beau, Jeremy Hall.

The couple’s journey began in Toronto, where they both volunteered at a community station.

Their connection deepened while co-hosting a cooking show for two seasons, showcasing a palpable chemistry that resonated with viewers.

Their romance, which blossomed in 2014, saw them relocating to Vancouver, where Sarah pursued her Master of Journalism degree at the University of British Columbia.

Subsequently, they ventured to Calgary, where Sarah worked for CTV, before finally settling in Edmonton when she joined Global News.

Sarah Reid Husband
Sarah Reid and her boyfriend, Jeremy Hall, have been engaged for four years now. (Image Source: Instagram)

The pinnacle of their love story arrived in 2018 during a picturesque trip to Paris, where Jeremy proposed, eliciting a resounding “yes” from Sarah.

The joyful news was shared with the world via Sarah’s Instagram, capturing a sweet moment in front of the Eiffel Tower.

While the couple has yet to unveil their wedding date, their happiness knows no bounds.

They share their lives with each other and with two adorable canine companions, Charlie, a golden retriever, and Cooper, a labradoodle.

Their story paints a picture of enduring love and companionship, capturing the hearts of those who admire their journey together.

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Sarah Reid Family: Ethnicity And Origin

Toronto-born Sarah Reid, hailing from a richly diverse background, embodies a blend of Jamaican and English heritage, courtesy of her father’s Jamaican roots and her mother’s English lineage.

Raised in the vibrant tapestry of Ontario, she shares her life with two accomplished sisters deeply entrenched in the media realm.

Her older sister, Rachel Reid, shines as a sports reporter at Sportsnet, while her younger sibling, Hannah Reid, crafts narratives as a producer for TSN.

Sarah Reid family
Sarah Reid shares her life with her parents and two accomplished sisters. (Image Source: Instagram)

Family stands at the core of Sarah’s being; she frequently shares glimpses of her tight-knit clan on her social media platforms, reflecting the warmth of their bond.

Embracing her multicultural heritage, Sarah prepares delectable dishes from Jamaican and British cuisines. Among her favorites is the classic jerk chicken paired with fragrant rice and peas.

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Beyond her culinary prowess, Sarah Reid is a talented journalist, a devoted fiancée, a source of pride for her parents, and a cherished sister.

Her inspiring journey through the media landscape is a beacon of hope for aspiring young women, promising a future illuminated by her accomplishments and dedication.


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