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Sarah Spiers Missing Case: Was Her Body Found? Where Is Bradley Robert Edwards Now?

The Sarah Spiers missing case has remained a mystery, despite the conviction of Bradley Robert Edwards for the murders of two other young women.

18-year-old Sarah Spiers lived and worked in Subiaco and was last seen at Club Bayview in Claremont on January 26, 1996.

She spent the evening drinking with friends and her sister at the Ocean Beach Hotel in Cottesloe before moving on to Club Bayview in the hours before Ms. Spiers vanished.

Ms. Spiers gave her sister a final hug and a goodnight kiss before she decided to depart. She would not see her again after this.

Ms. Spiers decided to leave the club and take a taxi at 1.30 am, but she has yet to return home.

The case has raised questions about the reliability of forensic evidence and the importance of ensuring that criminal investigations are conducted fairly and transparently.

Sarah Spiers Missing Case: What Happened?

A young woman named Sarah Spiers went missing in 1996 from Perth, Western Australia.

The public phone booth where Sarah Spiers made her last call for a cab before going missing has a missing person banner on it. (Source: watoday.com.au)

On January 27, 1996, at about 2:00 am, Sarah exited Club Bayview in Claremont, Western Australia. At 2:06 am, she made a cab call from a public phone booth to request transportation to Mosman Park, a nearby suburb. 

She wasn’t there when the cab arrived at the scene at 2:09 am. According to witnesses in a car, she was seen waiting by herself near the intersection of Stirling Road and Stirling Highway. 

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After January 26, 1996, Sarah never returned to her job. She also skipped events she had scheduled with her friends and family in the days that followed her disappearance.

Was Sarah Spiers’s Body Found? 

Sarah’s body was never found despite extensive searches and investigations, and her case remained a mystery for over two decades.

However, in 2016, a breakthrough occurred when Bradley Robert Edwards, a former Telstra technician, was arrested and charged with the murders of two other young women, Ciara Glennon and Jane Rimmer, who had also disappeared from Claremont in the late 1990s. 

Edwards was later charged with Sarah’s murder as well, although her body has still not been found. However, he was acquitted of murdering Sarah Spiers due to a lack of evidence linking him to her disappearance. 

Despite this, the court ruled that Sarah had been abducted and murdered, and the case remains open.

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Many have speculated about what might have happened to Sarah’s body, with some suggesting that Edwards may have buried it in a remote location. 

Where Is Bradley Robert Edwards Now?

Bradley Robert Edwards is serving his sentence at Casuarina Prison in Western Australia, where he is housed in a maximum-security unit.

A picture of Claremont killer Bradley Robert Edwards. (Source: perthnow.com.au)

Edwards, a serial murderer who preyed on young women leaving nightclubs in the Claremont region from 1996 to 1997, is thought to have killed Sarah. 

The only two other known victims of Edwards were Ciara Glennon and Jane Rimmer. 

Edwards was apprehended in 2016 and subsequently found guilty of their murders. He was also accused of killing Sarah, but he was cleared of that accusation since her body was never located. 

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However, the judge during his trial observed that he was almost certainly to blame for Sarah’s death. Sarah is still seen as being gone.


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