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Sarunas Jackson Wikipedia: Age, Parents Of Darius Jackson Brother

Many know Sarunas Jackson from his HBO hit series Insecure but very less recognize him as a former basketball player. There are many details about Sarunas Jackson Wikipedia that are unknown to his fans. Let’s dive deep.

Sarunas J. Jackson is a famous American actor who was born in the year 1990, on March 12.

He has made his mark as an actor in various shows like, Insecure, Good Trouble, FGames People Play, etc.

He comes from the beautiful city of Inland Empire, California, and has African roots and Panamanian Culture.

As the popularity of Sarunas Jackson is growing, the curiosity of his Wikipedia and his personal life is rising among the fans. 

Sarunas Jackson Wikipedia:  Parents Romel and Yhinyer, and Accomplished Brother Darius Jackson

Sarunas’s father Romel Jackson is African-American while his mother Yhinyer T Hubbard-Jackson is from Panama.

He says that there were times when he was young when he had to face challenges because of his Mixed identity.

Sarunas Jackson posing
Sarunas loves to post pictures for his fans and followers to admire. (Source: Instagram)

Sarunas who is now age 33, also adds that he received more acceptance from the black community than the Latino community.

It was because while he was growing up the term Afro-Latindad was not very popular.

Sarunas likes to embrace both his parents’ heritage and culture and proudly advocates for diversity in the entertainment industry.

The parents of Sarunas played a very crucial role in making him who he is today; a talented and successful actor.

He is not the only famous Jackson from his family, among his two siblings, Darius and Daulon, Darius is also a name very well-known.

Darius Jackson has made his own mark in the world of football and fitness.

Darius and Sarunas share a very close bond and are very close to their parents.

Many may not know but Romel Jackson is the stepfather of Sarunas and not the biological father.

Sarunas Jackson Wikipedia
Sarunas has a large group of industry friends whom he likes to go out with. (Source: Instagram)

His biological father has the surname Daulton but he has never come to public and likes to remain private.

Apart from his father mother and brothers, he has now a family of his own with his daughter named Zen Jackson.

From Courtside to Center Stage: Sarunas Jackson’s Journey from Basketball Dreams to Hollywood Stardom

Before becoming an actor Sarunas initially dreamt of being a successful basketball player.

He had the height and talent to pursue basketball and he even studied sports administration at the University of Connecticut.

Sarunas even tried for the 2013 NBA but unfortunately, he did not get in. However, he did continue playing basketball for Asia.

Not only was he playing basketball professionally he even got a chance to play alongside NBA All-Star Paul George.

Despite his improving and rising basketball career, Sarunas chose to pursue acting rather than basketball.

Sarunas Jackson wikipedia definitely would have made a great basketball player if he had not quit it. (Source: Instagram)

It was because he was extremely passionate about being an actor since a young age.

As an actor, his breakthrough happened when he got the role of Alejandro ‘Dro’ in the HBO hit series ‘Insecure.’

He is now a very thriving actor and his fanbase is increasing with his involvement in various acting projects.

The show Insecure really helped set Sarunas as a prominent and well-known actor in the industry.

He often says that he does not regret any decision that he has made in his past.

Maybe by that, he is hinting at the decision to pursue acting over basketball.

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