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Savannah Soto Autopsy Report Reveals Cause Of Death, Case Details

Savannah and her boyfriend Matthew were fatally shot to death just before Christmas. Explore details about the Savannah Soto autopsy and case details.

Before Christmas, tragedy struck as Savannah Soto and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, were fatally shot.

The heartbreaking incident gained widespread attention, especially since the couple was anticipating the arrival of their child.

In the ongoing investigation into their deaths on January 3, law enforcement announced the arrest of 19-year-old Christopher Preciado and his father, 53-year-old Ramon Preciado.

Christopher faces capital murder charges, while his father is charged with abuse of a corpse and accused of aiding in the relocation of Soto and Guerra’s bodies.

The devastating turn of events has left the community in shock, grappling with the loss of a young family’s promising future.

After Savannah and Matthew were discovered murdered the day after Christmas, online platforms were flooded with grief-stricken condolences and sympathies for the couple’s devastated families.

Countless heartfelt messages offered compassion to relatives grappling with losing their cherished daughter, son, and unborn grandchild whose life was cruelly cut short.

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Savannah Soto Autopsy Report Reveals Cause Of Death

A funeral service for 18-year-old Savannah Soto and her unborn child is being held today, January 23rd, 2024, at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church.

In a recent interview with Court TV’s Julie Grant, forensic death investigator Joseph Scott Morgan discussed details surrounding the cause of death of Soto’s late boyfriend, Matthew Guerra.

Morgan noted that based on the medical examiner’s report, Guerra’s cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head.

Moreover, Morgan explained it was a contact gunshot wound – meaning the gun muzzle was pressed directly against Guerra’s head when it was fired.

Savannah Soto autopsy
The day after Christmas, the lifeless bodies of Savannah Soto and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, were discovered, the victims of a tragic murder (Source: YouTube)

Morgan stressed that the nature of the wound indicates there would have had to be physical contact between the shooter and Guerra at the time he was killed.

The heartbreaking deaths of the young couple and their unborn baby have continued to garner public attention and questions about what exactly transpired.

Today’s somber funeral ceremony marks an opportunity for grieving loved ones to come together and lay Soto and her child to rest.

Savannah Soto Case Details

Today, Savannah Soto and her unborn child were laid to rest, marking a poignant farewell.

The tragic incident involving Savannah and her boyfriend, Matthew, garnered widespread attention, becoming a focal point in both national and international news outlets.

The somber ceremony serves as a solemn reminder of the profound impact their story has had on communities far and wide, reflecting the shared sorrow felt by those who have followed this heartbreaking tale.

Police have arrested a third person, Myrta Romanos, in connection with the December 2022 shooting deaths of Savannah and her boyfriend Matthew in the San Antonio, Texas, area.

Savannah Soto autopsy
Today is the day when Savannah Soto and her unborn child are being laid to rest (Source: YouTube)

Romanos, identified as the stepmother of previously arrested 19-year-old suspect Christopher Preciado, faces three felony charges for her alleged involvement.

Police believe security camera footage shows Romanos was at the murder scene in the aftermath.

She was allegedly seen leaving in a truck before returning home with Christopher and his father, Ramon, who was also previously arrested.

Investigators say Romanos participated in disposing of incriminating evidence related to the young couple’s murders.

She has been charged with tampering with human remains, corpse abuse, and evidence tampering. The police are continuing to investigate the case.

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