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Scooter Weintraub Wikipedia: Sheryl Crow Manager For 30 Years

As Sheryl Crow announces her tour dates for 2024, many have shifted their focus on her manager, Scooter Weintraub, and his Wikipedia, as they have worked together for more than three decades.

Born on February 11, 1962, Sheryl Suzanne Crow is an American musician, singer, and songwriter.

Her music incorporates rock, pop, country, folk, and blues elements, and she has released eleven studio albums.

Further, she has worked on five compilations and three live albums and contributed to several film soundtracks.

Crow’s most popular songs include All I Wanna Do, Strong Enough, If It Makes You Happy, Picture, and Soak Up the Sun.

However, such accomplishments would not have been possible without her manager, Scooter Weintraub.

Now, with this Wikipedia article, let’s look at the personal life and background of Scooter Weintraub.

Scooter Weintraub Wikipedia: Meet Manager To Sheryl Crow For 30 Years

Despite being a notable name in the industry, Scooter Weintraub has no dedicated Wikipedia page yet.

However, we bring you detailed information on the manager’s personal and professional lifestyle.

Hailing from New York, Stephen ‘Scooter’ Weintraub is a producer and director known for significant works.

Scooter Weintraub with Sheryl Crow
Weintraub helped Sheryl Crow to reach career milestones. (Source: Instagram)

Although most of his early life is kept a secret, it can be assumed that Weintraub entered the industry early.

Further, he worked to capture the true essence of other artists through his explorative documentaries.

Previously, Weintraub produced a TV movie, Eric Clapton: Nothing But the Blues 1995.

The film showcases Clapton’s musical journey and life for blue music.

Moreover, it features live performances of the artist as well as historical video footage of blues musicians.

Weintraub received praise for the production from viewers and critics, inspiring other works.

Over the years, he produced Great Performances and Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars.

Additionally, Weintraub won one Primetime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Special Class category.

Scooter Weintraub working
Weintraub strived to bring real stories to the screen. (Source: Twitter)

Apart from his successful professional life, the renowned producer had a hard personal life.

Weintraub married Libby June, an artist, writer, and poet from Western Australia.

However, in 2014, their lives were forever changed when they had to lose their stillborn child, Magnolia Grace.

Nevertheless, this pushed Libby to pen her book She Was Born: Words on Loss and Liberation.

Her words served as a lighting guide to people on the path of recovery, loss, and parental grief.

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Weintraub Journey With Sheryl Crow: From Backstage Manager To Dear Friend

After the tragic incident, Scooter Weintraub pushed forward with his career, carving himself perfectly to have a Wikipedia.

Weintraub was already on the path to becoming a prominent name when he started working with Sheryl Crow in 1993.

He helped Crow to come out of her comfort zone and produce music that is still loved by many.

Scooter Weintraub with his friends
Weintraub has been nominated for the Emmy Awards. (Source: Twitter)

After working together for over 30 years, Weintraub developed a close friendship with the singer.

To add to his Wikipedia, Scooter Weintraub was the one who pushed Crow to release her emotional documentary.

Initially, the singer was hesitant about the idea as she thought documentaries were for the dead.

However, the vision presented by the producer and her friend changed Crow’s mind.

Meanwhile, Crow wanted the project to showcase the real incidents that she went through in her career.

Producer Scooter
Weintraub values his friendship with Crow. (Source: Twitter)

Directed by Amy Scott, the documentary Sheryl covered her broken engagements and battle with cancer.

Additionally, Crow candidly describes the depths of her depression and the horror of sexual harassment.

The documentary created a safe place for Crow and other women, which was only possible due to Weintraub.

Similarly, the producer wanted to inspire girls worldwide to pursue their dreams like Crow.

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