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Scott Bok Wife Roxanne Conisha Bok: Meet Upenn Board Member

Being a well-known figure in investment banking, people showed huge curiosity in unraveling the life of Scott Bok and his wife. Who is she? Let’s find that out!

Scott Bok is a well-known investment banker and former University of Pennsylvania board chair. He is also the CEO of Greenhill & Co In. 

He is a three-time Penn degree holder, including a BSE in economics, a bachelor’s in political science, and a JD from Penn Carey Law School. 

Scott became a Penn trustee in 2005 and was later appointed board chair in 2021.

However, his decision to resign from the post has caused a huge stir among people. 

When asked about the news, Scott admitted it was the best decision.

Addressing the news of his resignation, he added he was asked to remain the chairman to help transition to the new president but decided it was the best time for him to leave.

Thus, the entire spotlight is shifted to Scott Bok and his details, including his wife and kids.

Who Is Scott Bok Wife, Roxanne Conisha Bok?

As two of the most respected figures in the university, Scott Bok and wife Roxanne Conisha, contributed greatly to the institution. 

But who is she? Well, Roxanne Conisha is a 1981 graduate of the College of Arts & Sciences of the University of Pennslyvania. 

She is a master’s degree holder in English and American Literature from King’s College London. 

Scott Bok Featured Image
Scott Bok and his wife, Roxanne, have contributed significantly to the UPenn community.

Apart from working as a trustee in the university, she is also an author.

She has published several books, including Horsekeeping: One Woman’s Tale of Barn and Country Life.

Besides this, together with her husband, she runs a farm in Salisbury, Connecticut. It was a neglected horse farm that Roxanne restored and runs it now. 

Today, she raises a thriving herd of 50 grass-fed cattle on the farm.

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The Love Story Of Scott Bok And Roxanne Conisha

Scott Bok and his wife, Roxanne, first met as a university student in 1981. Having been friends initially, the pair hit it off and started dating the same year. 

After a certain year of a successful relationship, Scott Bok and Roxanne tied the knot.

However, the couple has not shared the exact date of their engagement and marriage.

Together, being an alumnus of Upenn, they have contributed to their alma matter in many ways.

They have created a home for many aspiring writers, artists, novelists, filmmakers, critics, and more inside the corridors of the university.

They created the Bok Endowed Visiting Writers Series Fund.

Moreover, Scott and Roxanne were behind the Making History and Power of Penn fundraising campaign steering community.

Scott Bok And Roxanne
Scott Bok now shares a healthy and happy family with his wife, Roxanne Conisha. (Source: Upenn Alumni)

Apart from working partners, Scott and Roxanne share a loving family.

The couple are parents to two loving children named Elliot Bok and Jane Bok. 

Despite being a well-known figure in investment, Scott Bok and his wife like to keep details about their children private.

Coming from the Bok family, a long-time investor in America’s famous and reputed Ivy League university, people haven’t spotted their children much in public. 

The family prefers living a quiet life, away from all the limelight.

Nevertheless, Scott Bok occasionally shares glimpses of his quality time with his wife, Roxanne, and his children on their farm in Connecticut.

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