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Did Sean Kingston Have Another Accident After Jet Skiing Incident?

Sean Kingston was at the top of his game during his ‘Beautiful Girls‘ days. Then, an unfortunate event took place during the same phase. Sean Kingston accident news was everywhere. Did he go through a second accident? Let’s explore.

Sean Kingston is an American singer and songwriter mostly famous for his single ‘Beautiful Girls‘.

His real name is Kisean Paul Anderson, and he was born in the year 1990 on February 3.

His debut single ‘Beautiful Girls‘ made it to the Billboard Hot 100, followed by his second single ‘Ennie Minnie’ featuring Justin Beiber.

The production label, ‘Time is Money Entertainment,‘ is doing quite well.

Sean Kingston, however, has been in the news regarding his two fatal accidents that took place back to back.

Sean Kingston Near Death Experience: Jet-Ski Mishap WIth Another Fatal Accident

The initial accident was a jet-ski accident on the famous Miami beach, leaving him with many injuries.

Only eleven days after the fatal accident, Sean Kingston faced a life-or-death situation in the hospital again.

This time, the singer faced a torn aorta requiring open heart surgery.

Sean kingston posing
Sean has come out stronger and better after the fatal accident. (Source: Instagram)

The turn aorta was very painful and traumatizing for Sean Kingston.

He says his chest was aching so much that it felt like someone stabbed him multiple times.

Sean Kingston shares,

I had a lot of pain that day but when I went to visit the surgeon afterward, the doctor said, ‘Yo, you had a guardian angel that day.

Sean got to know the situation’s intensity after hearing the doctor’s statement.

He could have died that day, but the doctor’s quick thinking and actions gave him a new life.

After going through two major life-threatening incidents, Sean is extremely grateful for his life.

Sean Kingston ring
Sean Kingston shows his gratefulness for the god time and again. (Source: Instagram)

He says he has found a new meaning to life and is now more aware of how fragile a human life is.

Sean emphasizes counting his blessings and keeping faith no matter how deep or dark the situation might be.

Inspirational Journey Of Sean Kingston: From Near-Death Accidents To A Healthier Lifestyle

The positive aftermath of the accident does not end here, and Sean Kingston has become more careful about his health now.

Before the two accidents, he weighed over 300 pounds, which is not considered healthy.

After the accident, he says he focused on eating healthy and exercising.

These life changes made a huge difference, and Sean lost 70 pounds of his initial weight.

“I do the bicycle, I do the treadmill, I play basketball,” he says in an interview with MTV.

Even though the accident made many months of his life hard, he now looks back at it positively.

Sean Kingston Accident
Sean is not afraid of going to jet-ski again as he loves doing it. (Source: Instagram)

Sean Kingston is aware that it was because of his unhealthy living choices that was the cause of the second accident.

If Sean Kingston had cared for his health well, he wouldn’t have gone through the life-changing aorta accident.

Even now, he realizes that being in a music studio for long hours could drive him back into his old habits.

However, he refuses to return to his old habits and focuses on improving his life.

Sean now does not eat after it’s s past 6 p.m. and always uses the treadmill.

We hope he continues to live a healthy life, which will avoid the chance of other accidents in the future.

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