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Sean Strickland Ian Garry Wife Layla Anna-Lee Drama: WAG Book Scandal

Sean Strickland Ian Garry wife is one of the most searched topics on social media. Find out everything about the WAG Book scandal in this article.

Sean Strickland is an American professional mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He primarily competed in the middleweight division and is the current UFC Middleweight Champion. 

Since 2008, he has been professionally fighting and is also the former King of the Cage Middleweight Champion. Further, Strickland had notable wins over various fighters in the UFC.

Not to mention, he became the UFC middleweight champion after winning a fight against Israel Adesanya. Apart from that, Ian Garry is an Irish professional mixed martial artist competing in the Welterweight division of UFC.

Both of them are currently in the media prominence and online users are eager to know the truth regarding their scandal which has been explained below in depth.

Sean Strickland Ian Garry Wife Layla Anna-Lee Drama

Sean Strickland and Ian Garry are currently in media prominence due to their online feud. In the same way, Ian’s wife Layla Anna-Lee has also been pulled into the controversy.

Due to Sean’s recent comment on Garry’s wife is no exception. Fans have criticized Garry’s wife for writing a book called “How to be a WAG,” making some think she married him just because he’s an athlete.

Sean Strickland Ian Garry Wife
Sean Strickland and Ian Garry are having some problems after Sean made comments on Ian’s wife’s WAG book. ( Source: Yahoo Sports )

Likewise, Strickland reacted to the WAG book of Layla by warning Garry that he should get out of his marriage. Sean posted a video on his social media handles giving messages to Garry.

This led to Garry threatening to sue Strickland, who didn’t take too kindly to the threat.

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Layla Anna-Lee WAG Book Scandal Explained

Ian Garry’s wife Layla Anna-Lee is making rounds due to her WAG book scandal. The book has created a huge buzz on the internet sources.

Not to mention, Layla wrote a book named How to be a WAG which offers satirical suggestions on forming relationships with professional athletes. 

Layla Anna-Lee WAG Book
Layla Anna-Lee is currently getting many hate comments on social media due to her WAG book. ( Source: FirstSportz )

Her book stemmed from a satirical segment when she was a celebrity guru, mingling with WAGs and top celebrities at big events.

Netizens started bashing Layla for writing what has been interpreted as a guide for gold diggers. Reportedly, she is 14 years older than her husband Ian Garry.

Ian Garry Wife Layla Anna-Lee Responds To WAG Scandal

Ian Garry wife Layla Anna-Lee is receiving hate comments on social media due to her WAG book. In the same way, Sean Strickland added fuel to the fire regarding this matter.

Sean branded Layla a succubus and implored Ian Garry to run away. After tons of comments on social media, Layla publicly addressed the backlash she was receiving.

Ian Garry Wife Layla Anna-Lee
Ian Garry Wife Layla Anna-Lee received tons of messages online and she has finally responded to the backlash. ( Source: Marca )

She took to her Instagram handle to talk about the matter. While talking about the matter, she noted that she wrote the respective book in 2010 and is making headlines after many years.

Layla has also claimed that she received death threats after her book went viral and she was tagged as a gold digger for marrying a young UFC fighter. Meanwhile, Garry is standing by his wife amid the attack of abuse she is facing.

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