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Sehaj Arora Suicide Rumors After Kulhad Pizza Couple Video Gone Viral

Sehaj Arora suicide rumors have gone viral online following the Kulhad Pizza couple video leak. Find out more facts in this article.

Sehaj Arora is a social media personality with massive followers on multiple social media handles. She is famous for running a business with her husband, Gurpreet Kaur.

The pair is famous as the Kulhad Pizaa Couple, and for the past few days, they have been the talk of the town. It all started after their alleged private video got leaked.

The viral video has dragged the pair into the controversy, and many rumors are also circulating on online sources.

Lately, another gossip related to Sehaj’s suicide has gone viral, leaving everyone shocked.

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Sehaj Arora Suicide Rumors Goes Viral

Sehaj Arora suicide rumors have gone viral on the internet, and it all started after her video with her husband went viral.

The Kulhad Pizaa Couple were said to be captured having an intimate moment.

Their alleged private video was leaked by a woman who reportedly worked at Arora’s famous pizza shop and was fired for her unsatisfactory performance.

Sehaj Arora Suicide
Sehaj Arora is making headlines, and news of her suicide has gone viral, but all are fake. (Source: Instagram)

Due to her leaked video, Sehaj and her husband are getting trolled, and their name has been linked to multiple rumors.

Lately, another topic related to Arora attempting suicide has covered the web.

Currently, there is no truth about it, and the verified media sources have not given the facts regarding this matter.

So, it is believed that the viral topic may have circulated without any truth.

Where Is Sehaj Arora After Kulhad Pizza Couple Video?

Sehaj Arora has kept herself from the media following her viral video.

Apart from that, her husband, Gurpreet Kaur, shared some videos on Instagram about the viral scandal.

The duo have vehemently denied the ongoing rumors and say the viral video is fake. Some sources have even claimed that the video is AI-generated.

Sehaj Arora Viral Video
Sehaj Arora and her husband, Gurpreet Kaur, are making rounds on social media for their leaked private video. (Source: Instagram)

The Kulhad Pizza couple recently became parents, and they have said that they were busy when the video went viral and were unaware of it.

Sehaj can be followed on Instagram as @sehaj_arora_, with over 1 million followers. On the other hand, her husband Gurpreet is registered as @kaurgeous_roop.

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Sehaj Arora Leaked Video Update

Sehaj Arora and her husband, Gurpreet Kaur, have asked for help from people as they are going through hard times due to their leaked video.

It has been said that the viral video resulted from an extortion bid and that the viral video in question is morphed.

A visibly distressed, Arora made another appeal, insisting people curb the circulation of the video.

Sehaj Arora Leaked Video Update
Sehaj Arora’s husband, Gurpreet Kaur, posted a video on Instagram asking for help from the public. (Source: Instagram)

The videos shared by the duo have already gained many views. A recent report has claimed that a woman who worked in the couple’s shop shared the video.

Arora claimed that the woman asked for a ransom for not leaking the private video.

Many people have shared their thoughts regarding the scandal, and it is believed that the couple may give more information. 

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