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Where Is Serial Killer Gabriel Fortin Now? Arrest And Charge

Gabriel Fortin allegedly killed two of his former HRDs and a Pôle Emploi official in cold blood at the end of January 2021. But where is he now?

Estelle L., who worked for Knauf’s insulation materials specialist, was discovered dead in her car on 26 January 2021. Her car’s engine was still running, and the headlights were on.

Later, the autopsy revealed that the 39-year-old HRD was fatally shot four times, fired from the left side of her vehicle. An hour later, an armed and masked man attacked Bernard M, who worked for General Electrics, at his residence.

Estelle was Bernard’s former colleague. They worked together in the past. Two days after the incident, Fortin allegedly opened fire on a Pôle emploi agency employee, Patricia P, who died at the scene.

Was Gabriel arrested? Where is he now? Explore the details related to Gabriel Fortin’s case below.

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Where Is Serial Killer Gabriel Fortin Now? Arrest And Charge

Police arrested Gabriel Fortin on 28 January 2021 on a bridge connecting Ardeche and Drome on suspicion of killing a human resource and an employee of Pole Emploi.

Gabriel Fortin, also known as the “HRD Killer,” will begin his trial on Tuesday, 13 June, in Valence before the Assize Court of Drôme.

Serial Killer Gabriel Fortin
Gabriel Fortin is currently under police custody. (Image Source: dayFREURO)

He is accused of killing Patricia Pasquion, a 54-year-old executive in a Pôle emploi agency, two HRDs, Géraldine Caclin, 51, and Estelle Luce, 39, as well as the attempted murder of another HRD, Bertrand M. Fortin reportedly followed his victims for years and gained information related to their lives.

It has been reported the alleged killer has been silent for two years and has not talked about the motive behind his crimes.

Gabriel Fortin made the decision to keep silent throughout the investigation when confronted by the detectives, the judges, and the professionals who interrogated him.

According to psychologists, “the acts complained of are not to be linked to a mental disorder but instead appear as the cold and determined revenge of an intelligent man, wounded by painful rejections from the only environment he thought could provide him with a social place.

Me Denis Dreyfus, an attorney for the civil parties, worried that the defendant would decline to show up for his trial.

Who Is Gabriel Fortin? Meet His Mother And Brother

GarbrielFortin is a former French engineer and suspected criminal who killed is well known as the “HR Killer.”

Gabriel Fortin grew up with his brother, who is two years older. His mother raised him and his elder brother in Nancy as a single parent.

Serial Killer Gabriel Fortin
His mother raised Gabriel Fortin with his elder brother in Nancy. (Image Source: The Guardian Nigeria)

Fortin’s father reportedly left his family and moved to Gabon shortly after his birth. It has also been mentioned that the suspected criminal and his dad don’t know one another.

The former engineer worked at Faun Environment for over two years before he was fired amid the economic crisis of the 2000s. Geraldine C was the one who signed Fortin’s dismissal letter.

Moreover, the accused’s brother described him as an “introvert” person. He said he was not close with many people. In addition, the elder brother of Fortin stated that he is “a little paranoid plotter.”

The family and investigators are not the only ones who have noticed this. Psychology experts also believe the defendant has a “paranoid personality.”

However, the doctors who analyze Gabriel Fortin’s file, because they are unable to do so based on his assertions, conclude that “the alleged acts are not to be connected to any kind of mental disorder.”

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