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Which Of Seth Meyers Show Writers Are Returning? WGA Strike Update

Finally, with the conclusion of the writer’s strike, Seth Meyers’ Late Night Show is set to return next week with its writers on board. What will the path ahead for the show be like?

Seth Meyers is one of the leading show hosts currently running Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Seth started as a cast member and head writer for NBC’s famous Saturday Night Live (SNL) show.

Further, he was a part of the show for over 13 years, from 2001 to 2014.

He was famous for hosting the show’s news segment, Weekend Update. This segment was primarily a parody of news channels with humor and satire.

However, Seth parted ways from Saturday Night Live after he was offered his late-night show.

Late Night Show with Seth Meyers aired in February 2014 and has continued since then.

The show has garnered positive reviews for its public satire and, as of date, has aired over 1400 episodes in 10 seasons.

After the strike, people are now questioning which of Seth Meyers’s writers will be returning.

Which Of Seth Meyers Writers Are Returning?

WGA Strike has officially seen an end recently after 148 days of strike, and with that, several Late Night Shows are now returning on air.

One of these returning late-night shows is Late Night Show with Seth Meyers.

On social media handles, the return date is October 2, 2023, and fans are more than excited about the show’s return.

Seth laughing with Larry David while having a conversation
Trump criticized Seth Meyer’s performance at the 2011 Correspondents’ Dinner. (Source: Instagram)

Now, the question many fans have in mind is which of Seth Meyers show writers are returning.

Seth Meyers has been credited as the show’s writer with writing credits for over 170 episodes.

The show has had a lot of talented writers throughout its run.

The writers credited with being with Seth until recently are Fred Armisen, John Lutz, Ben Warheit, and Jenny Hagel.

Now, the question on many people’s minds is, are they returning to the Late Night Show with Seth Meyers?

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What Is The Update On The WGA Strike?

The recent writer’s strike is the second longest-running strike in the union’s history.

Previously, a similar strike held in 1988 lasted 153 days.

The current strike lasted 148 days after the Writers Guild of America reached a tentative agreement. This agreement was for a new three-year contract.

Seth Meyers enjoying drink and talks with Jonas Brothers
Seth Meyers is one of the top-notch show hosts from Britain. (Source: Instagram)

This strike went on to show how impactful the writers are for any show. Since the strike began, there have been production shutdowns on various shows.

Even in the case of the Late Night with Seth Meyers, the show is returning after last airing on May 2023.

However, now that the strike is over, we can assume that Seth Meyer’s show will return.

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Who Are The Returning Writers And Cast?

Late Night with Seth Meyers is returning on air this coming week, and thus far, we have seen confirmation of the return of Fred Armisen.

This confirmation is via the IMDB page of the Late Night with Seth Meyers show.

Fred is one of Seth Meyers writers
John Mulaney confirmed rumors about his relationship with Olivia Munn on Late Night with Seth Meyers. (Source: Instagram)

Fred is not very active on social media; hence, we have not seen any official confirmation from him.

The other confirmed cast is that of The 8G Band, who are the show’s official band. Other than that, there is no further official information as of yet.

One of the show’s head writers, Ben Warheit, still has his bio on Instagram, mentioning him to be uniting with Seth Meyers. Hence, it is safe to presume that he is returning.

Jenny enjoying a broadway show
Jenny Slate, an author, showed off her baby bump on Late Night with Seth Meyers. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, John Lutz still has his bio on Twitter as a writer for Seth Meyers. Hence, he, too, seems more than likely to return.

Judging by her Instagram profile, Jenny Hagel is another writer who is seemingly sure to return to the show.

Thus far, Seth Meyers can count on his longtime friend Fred Armisen. Also, a few other lead writers, including John Lutz, Jenny Hagel, and Ben Warheit, are returning.

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