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Rapper Sexyy Red Leaks: Instagram Story Blunder Or Publicity Stunt?

Sexyy Red recent Instagram story is making headlines, and netizens are calling out the singer for those leaks as an intentional stunt, while some disagree.

We all know Sexyy Red, the rapper who has currently set the hip-hop world on fire with her amazing skills.

She is known for her outspoken personality and her immense social media presence.

Recently, one of her Instagram stories has set the internet buzzing.

People are confused about whether it was an innocent mistake or a very carefully calculated publicity stunt.

Controversial Instagram Story Goes Viral: Sexyy Red Leaks Sparks Debate

On the day, October 5th, 2023, a specific Instagram story posted on the Sexyy Red Instagram account went viral.

The Sexyy Red Instagram story contained a sex tape of her with an unknown guy.

The rapper deleted the story not before many viewers could see it.

However, the netizens are quick enough to take screenshots and records, which ended up as Sexyy Red leaks on Twitter and Reddit.

Sexxy red insta
Even with the quick deletion of the video, people were able to record it. (Source: Instagram)

Within minutes of the post, many people started reposting it on various websites from anonymous accounts.

As soon as the story went viral, many people began questioning Sexyy Red’s actions: was it deliberate or accidental?

It is quite common for people to dive into the controversy with different perspectives.

Some people think that the incident was extremely coincidental.

It may be possible for Sexyy Red to have intentionally posted the video to divert attention from her recent Trump controversy.

Sexxy red Controversy
Sexyy Red, if a victim of these leaks, should get justice. (Source: Instagram)

In her recent interview, she made various controversial remarks while supporting former president Donald Trump.

Sexyy Red did not think of it prior to the interview but later received a lot of hate and comments.

The interview is especially controversial because, in it, she mentions that Donald Trump’s actions towards marginalized communities have been great for the country.

She was seen supporting Donald Trump’s policies, which include the pardoning of Black prisoners and distribution of stimulus checks.

Many do not think that it’s true and argue with Sexyy Red about her statements on the leaks.

Blunder Or Publicity Stunt? The Sexyy Red Controversy

Netizens are now discussing that the timing of the sex tape could have been because of her intentions to divert the crowd away from her controversial political remarks.

While many do not view this action positively, others are applauding her for her strategic move.

Some netizens also believe that the sex tape controversy could have been completely unintentional.

Because it is not possible to erase the memory of her pro-Trump comments.

Sexyy Red Leaks
The situation can be anything until and unless there is proof. (Source: Instagram)

Even with all these antics, they believe that these actions from Sexyy Red will highlight the controversy even more.

She could have accidentally posted those Instagram stories, as many people often make these mistakes.

In an interview with Lil Yachty on his podcast, A Safe Place, Sexxy Red made some shocking revelations.

She revealed that it was neither a publicity nor a mistake, but it was because of an unfortunate car accident.

Sexyy Red mentions that her casual partner at the time forgot to hide the video on his phone after recording it.

He then met with a car accident with his girlfriend, where he left her abandoned in his car.

His girlfriend then saw the video and decided to share it on the internet. These revelations have shed new light on the entire controversy.

Whether accidental or intentional, it is never okay to share someone’s private video without their consent.

Many famous people have been the victims of these kinds of situations.

Some of them have been able to revive their career after the unfortunate incident, but some have been doomed.

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