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Shanequa Paris Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The TV Presenter?

Many people are looking for Shanequa Paris wikipedia page to learn more about the TV presenter’s personal and professional life.

Shanequa Paris is a well-known British television presenter, who has made significant strides in the media industry at a young age.

The Bristol native has become a familiar face on CBBC’s Newsround.

Moreover, her unique approach to presenting news and current affairs has made her a favorite among audiences of all ages.

This article delves into the life and career of Shanequa Paris, providing an in-depth look at her journey in the television industry.

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Shanequa Paris Wikipedia And Age

Shanequa Paris, a distinguished TV presenter, was born on 11 March 1994, making her 30 years old as of 2024.

She hails from Bristol, England. The television presenter embarked on her media career in radio.

Shanequa Paris Wikipedia
The official Shanequa Paris Wikipedia page is not available. (Image Source: John Noel)

As a radio personality, she honed her skills and gained valuable experience before making a significant career shift to television.

Moreover, the young presenter’s career trajectory took a remarkable turn when she became a part of the team at CBBC’s Newsround.

CBBC’s Newsround is a highly acclaimed news program designed specifically for children.

Shanequa has earned recognition for her innovative approach to presenting news and current affairs.

Similarly, the skilled broadcaster has a unique ability to make complex topics accessible and engaging for audiences of all ages.

Furthermore, Paris has covered a range of key issues, from the Black Lives Matter protests that have swept across the globe to the ongoing global pandemic.

In a notable move, she used her platform to educate her young audience about the importance of cervical screening by documenting her own process.

Beyond her work on Newsround, Shanequa has shown her versatility by creating short-form video content.

These videos cover a wide array of news topics, and she also shares glimpses of her personal life and travels.

Despite being relatively young, Shanequa has already made significant strides in the media industry.

Her impressive achievements and continued growth have established her as a rising star in British television.

Nonetheless, Shanequa Paris’ journey serves as an inspiration to many aspiring television presenters.

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Shanequa Paris Worked For Free For Longtime

Shanequa Paris grew up in Birmingham, where there was less financial support for projects compared to London.

Shanequa Paris Wikipedia
CBBC Newsround presenter Shanequa Paris has extensive experience in the field. (Image Source: X)

In a candid interview, she disclosed that she frequently traveled and worked for free to gain experience.

Paris acknowledged that many individuals have provided her with opportunities throughout her career.

But for a long time, she applied for work experience everywhere, balancing it with her full-time job.

According to the TV presenter herself, she spent her weekends and evenings volunteering in the entertainment industry.

It was around the age of 20 or 21 when she realized her true calling. Before joining Newsround, she worked as a reporter at BBC Coventry & Warwickshire.

Her talent was recognized during a screen test with a tough audience of children, leading to her presenting job at Newsround.

Throughout her career, Shanequa has explored different paths but always found herself gravitating towards presenting.

The children warmed to her instantly. Looking back, she believes that the years of hard work and perseverance were worth it to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a television presenter.

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