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Shannon Factor Wikipedia, Age: Meet Dean Factor Wife

Shannon Factor, the producer of Dragster and Beyond, has gained fame not just for producing movies but also as Dean Factor’s spouse. Their intriguing relationship sparks curiosity, prompting searches for Wikipedia of Shannon Factor for more details.

Shannon Factor, originally Shannon Stellmacher, is from California, whose date of birth is a mystery.

Growing up there, she completed her education at Loyola Law School Los Angeles.

Shannon further pursued a Doctor of Natural Medicine at Quantum University, earning seven certificates.

Meanwhile, Shannon is a sturdy support to her husband, Dean Factor.

She not only manages the family but also aids her husband when needed, showcasing her resilience and expertise.

Thus, the couple’s strong bond has left fans wondering for more details about Shannon Factor by searching it on Wikipedia.

Shannon Factor Wikipedia And Age Details

Shannon Factor, the wife of Smashbox Cosmetics founder Dean Factor, has appeared in two movies and played a crucial role in the makeup brand’s two-decade success.

Alongside her business interests, she’s an American producer behind films like Last Fast Ride, La Cerca, Haber, and Luck of the Draw.

However, despite her career, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page to Shannon Factor, but her notable contributions reside on IMDb.

Meanwhile, Shannon is possibly in her 50s, while her husband, Dean Factor, born on August 1, 1965, is around 58.

Wedding day of Shannon Factor and Dean Factor
The American producer Shannon Factor and her husband, Dean Factor, on their wedding day.

Also, Shannon and her husband, Dean, have been together since 2002.

Currently, she lives gracefully with Dean and their children, embodying the essence of a supportive wife with an impactful career.

Meanwhile, given the work of Shannon Factor in both business and film production, she might soon find a place on Wikipedia.

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Shannon And Dean Factor Are Parents Of Five Kids

Since tying the knot in 2002, Dean and Shannon have built a beautiful family with five kids: Claire, Alex, Lizzy, Katherine Rose, and Ryder.

The couple’s love story started in 2002, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

While their children’s names are publicly announced, details like birthdates remain private.

Shannon Factor and her five kids
Shannon Factor, Dean Factor’s wife, enjoys her life with her kids. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, despite being a renowned producer, Shannon likes to spend time with her children and focus on their upbringing.

However, that should not overshadow her efforts in films like Last Fast Ride, La Cerca, Haber, and Luck of the Draw.

On the other hand, Dean’s journey began early, even before lending his voice to the animated film The Secret of NIMH in 1982.

Later, in 1996, he and his brother Davis founded Smashbox Cosmetics, turning it into a thriving business.

Dean’s career took off with it, reflecting their dedication to the success of their ventures.

Also, recently, their Malibu estate, owned for over a decade, sold for $37.5 million.

Nevertheless, the couple’s support for each other has been crucial to Dean’s success.

Dean Factor at a interview
Dean Factor, husband of Shannon Factor, is a successful businessman.

Moreover, they cherish their time together despite Dean’s busy schedule due to Smashbox Cosmetics and Smashbox Studios.

While Dean’s work demands focus, the couple remains dedicated to their family, creating a balance between business and personal life.

However, despite their fame, the family keeps some details private.

Nonetheless, the love story of Dean and Shannon continues to unfold, marked by family, success, and a shared journey.

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