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Shannon Sharpe Hip Surgery: Did He Really Get Transformation?

Following a notable change in his physique, fans wondered about the well-being of Shannon Sharpe as the viral clip drew the attention of many toward his recent hip surgery. Let’s delve into the details further in this article!

The former football tight end, Shannon Sharpe is a well-known name from the sports industry with several achievements under his name.

Regarded as one of the greatest tight ends of all time, he was the first NFL player to have over 10k receiving yards.

Along with that, Sharpe is known as the recipient of three Super Bowl titles during his career.

After retirement, the player appeared for The NFL Today and Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.

His popularity has brought several questions about his personal life which increased after a viral clip.

Moreover, the clip featured Shannon at Total Wine with a transformative look, piquing the interest of fans.

As the video became a trending matter, people wondered about the hip surgery that Shannon Sharpe went through.

Shannon Sharpe Hip Surgery: Did He Really Get Transformation?

Recently, fans commented on the changed walking style of the player after his video in front of Total Wine.

In the clip, Sharpe gets down from his car in a green jumpsuit and displays new mannerisms.

Further, his hip movements seem different as many described his walk as zesty and sassy.

Shannon Sharpe sitting on a chair
Sharpe’s movement pattern has changed after surgery. (Source: Instagram)

The trolling and mocking of Sharpe’s unconventional walk continued for hours before users decided to bring out the truth.

Soon, the attention of fans shifted to the hip surgery that Shannon Sharpe underwent last year.

After years in the NFL, Sharpe had to go through several injuries and surgeries because of the game.

Additionally, he has had double hip surgery, and multiple knee and ankle surgeries over the past few years.

Through an Instagram post, Sharpe shared the news about his hip replacement surgery with his fans.

Moreover, the player claimed that the operation helped him to get back his active lifestyle.

In a Nightcap podcast, Sharpe revealed that the problem with hips was hereditary in his family.

Apart from the player, his siblings have had their hips replaced after complications in daily tasks.

Shannon Sharpe in NFL uniform
Sharpe has maintained an excellent physique to date. (Source: Instagram)

After the transformation, Sharpe claims that the titanium hips have helped him maintain healthy habits.

Despite being in the recovery stage, he continues to exercise daily to keep all of his joints working.

Shortly after the trolling, people wanted to clear things out about Shannon Sharpe and his hip surgery.

They noted it was an unethical way of making fun of someone who was going through a major transformation.

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Great Shape After Retirement: Shannon Sharpe Workout Plan

Despite having hip surgery, Shannon Sharpe jumped right back into his old exercising routine.

Even after retirement from the sports, he doesn’t take a day off and looks better in shape.

Further, Sharpe claimed that he often starts his workout with squats, leg extensions, and leg curls.

Shannon Sharpe infront of green screen
Sharpe encourages others to follow a healthy diet. (Source: Instagram)

Previously, the 55-year-old had an extraordinary record on the football field as one of the greatest tight ends.

Sharpe ranked third in tight end receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns in the NFL.

Moreover, the player earned a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for his achievements in the game.

After retirement, Sharpe joined the broadcasting field to provide his expertise on the tactical sport.

Even now he trains as if he is a full-time athlete with a planned-out daily workout routine and diet.

Shannon in blue suit
Sharpe wants to live a long life for his children. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Sharpe claims that sacrifice, dedication, and discipline create a perfect physique and health.

Along with a perfect diet, the player includes a mixture of free weights, bench, incline, row machines, and bikes in his workout.

Regardless of his hip surgery recovery phase, Sharpe plans to maintain shape while inspiring his fans to do the same.

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