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Shannon Wilcox Wikipedia, Age: Meet American Actress, Producer

Since Shannon Wilcox passed away, many people have become curious about how she lived her life. There has been an increase in searches for a Wikipedia page about Shannon Wilcox recently.

Shannon Wilcox was a famous actress and producer who was known for her acting in various movies and Television shows.

She was a joyful person who loved to laugh, travel, and make friends from all over the world.

Additionally, Shannon also had a passion for dancing tango and salsa and continued to dance beautifully, even in her 70s. It is also one of the reasons why people remember her.

Sadly, there’s not a lot of information about her personal life, and folks are looking for a Wikipedia page about Shannon Wilcox.

Shannon Wilcox Wikipedia: Age and Family Detail

Many people have become curious about the actress Shannon Wilcox, who appeared in various TV shows and movies.

However, they might be disappointed because there isn’t a Wikipedia page dedicated to Shannon Wilcox, providing only limited information about her life.

But we have got you covered.

Shannon Wilcox, whose real name was Mary Kay Wilcox, grew up on a farm in Indiana with her siblings.

She went to school in Colorado and later moved to Paris to become a dancer.

In 1981, she joined the Sundance Institute to continue her studies.

Shannon Wilcox was born on May 21, 1943, in Los Angeles, California. However, there isn’t much information available about her parents.

Shannon neck necklace and boy-cut hairstyle smiling
Shannon settled in Los Angeles to start her career as an actress (Source: Instagram)

During her lifetime, Shannon was often in the spotlight for her relationships.

She married John Williams in 1965, but they separated in 1984.

Later, she married Alex Rocco on October 15, 2005. However, he passed away on July 18, 2015, at the age of 79.

She was also a mother of two and a stepmother to three children.

On September 2, 2023, Shannon Wilcox’s daughter, actress-director Kelli Williams, informed The Hollywood Reporter that her mother passed away.

At the time of death, she was 80 years old. Her family arranged a private celebration of life in her honor.

Even after her death, people remember her and want to know more about her work. This is why there is such a demand for a Wikipedia page about Shannon Wilcox.

Whether alive or not, people will never forget her for how committed she was to her job.

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Shannon Wilcox’s Career And Net Worth

After starting her acting career in 1976 with a role in the TV show Starsky & Hutch, Shannon Wilcox appeared in various other TV series and movies.

Likewise, she is in TV series like Hawaii Five-O, Family, and Hart to Hart.

She’s famous for being in movies like Se7en, Runaway Bride, and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

90 Shannon Wilcox in blond short hair
Shannon Wilcox as Christine the Hooker in Frankie and Johnny (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, she also acted alongside different well-known actors like Dudley Moore, Mary Tyler Moore, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson.

Recently, Shannon Wilcox made guest appearances on TV shows like The Resident, Truth Be Told, and Grey’s Anatomy.

In Grey’s Anatomy, she played a ballroom dancer with stage IV colorectal cancer in Season 16’s episode called Save the Last Dance for Me.

Additionally, she had a significant role in the ABC medical drama Buck James, where she played Jenny James, the ex-wife of the main character, a surgeon.

Moreover, she also had a recurring role as Anita on the TV show Dallas, appearing at the end of the 13th season and the beginning of the 14th season.

Shannon in grey anatomy in wheelchair with her co-star
Shannon Wilcox played Irene Sholman in season sixteen of Grey’s Anatomy (Source: Twitter)

As an actress, Shannon Wilcox’s net worth was $19 million.

Additionally, she co-starred with her daughter, Kelli Williams, in the movie A Boyfriend for Christmas (2004), where she played the mother of her daughter’s character.

Shannon Wilcox gave her best in dancing and acting, which is why people remember her for her outstanding work.

Hence, people are searching for a Wikipedia page dedicated to her to learn more about her achievements.

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