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Shara Blue Mathes Wikipedia: Chaz Bono Fiance Plan Of Wedding

As Shara Blue Mathes hinted at her potential marriage with long-time partner Chaz Bono, people became curious about the couple. Lately, they have been interested in the Wikipedia of Shara Blue Mathes.

Shara Blue Mathes is a notable name in the entertainment industry, famous as a former child artist and partner of Chaz Bono.

She met Bono in 2017 and soon began developing romantic feelings as they shared similar thoughts.

Further, Bono, a writer, musician, and actor, is the only child of the pop duo Sonny and Cher.

Previously, news outlets outed him as a lesbian when he identified as a woman, which hampered his image.

Moreover, Bono underwent a female-to-male gender transition between 2008 and 2010 and legally changed his name.

After the switch, he dated several women before crossing paths with his current partner.

Following the rumors about their wedding, netizens search the internet for the Wikipedia of Shara Blue Mathes to learn about her early life.

Shara Blue Mathes Wikipedia: Chaz Bono Fiance Early Life

Despite being known for her relationship with Bono, the Wikipedia page for Shara Blue Mathes seems to be missing.

So, we bring you details about her family background, early life, and career.

Born around 1970, Shara Blue Mathes comes from a lively Los Angeles, California neighborhood.

Shara Blue Mathes with her partner
Mathes considers Bono to be her ultimate support system. (Source: Instagram)

Further, details about her parents remain a mystery as much information is publicly unavailable.

When she was 15, she starred alongside 16-year-old Jason Bateman in the TV comedy series It’s Your Move, which ended in 1985.

Such accomplishments are worthy of being featured on a dedicated Wikipedia page for Shara Blue Mathes in the future.

Moreover, she pursued several other projects in the industry before marrying a person whose name remains undisclosed.

However, things took a turn for Mathes as she fell into the trap of heavy drug addiction.

Additionally, she became incapable of handling herself while caring for her son Cooper, who was two then.

Shara Blue Mathes by a bonfire
Mathes helped Bono in his recovery journey as well. (Source: Instagram)

Mathes also had an unfortunate struggle with breast cancer at a young age and received immediate treatment.

During the rough period, Mathes’s family stepped up to provide her with all the support she needed.

Soon, she took steps into recovery while also working on self-healing methods and spirituality.

Currently, Mathes works for Housing Works, a homeless charity based in Los Angeles.

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Plans Of Wedding: Is Chaz Bono’s Mother Not Invited?

The curiosity regarding the Wikipedia of Shara Blue Mathes also peaked after a peculiar rumor.

Many sources stated that the wedding plan was underway without an invitation to Bono’s mother, Cher.

Bono has been together with Mathes for more than six years, earning the approval of parents from both sides.

Shara and Chaz on Thansgiving
Shara Mathes has a son from a previous relationship. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Cher claimed that her child’s transition was initially a difficult concept to grasp, but it has settled over time.

However, the icon’s relationship with her son doesn’t seem as seen on the camera.

After losing a legal bid to have her 47-year-old son, Elijah Blue Allman, problems in the family have arisen.

Additionally, Allman has struggled with drugs, and authorities placed him under custodial care for a while.

Such troubles have created a drift between Cher and her first-born son, leading to her removal from the wedding guest list.

Chaz with his fiance
Mathes fell for Bono’s charming personality. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, news claimed that Bono doesn’t want any of his mother’s tantrums during his wedding.

However, there is no official confirmation of the statements, as neither Bono nor Cher has responded publicly.

Furthermore, online users could have started these rumors involving celebrities like Cher.

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