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Sheezan Mohammed Khan Wife: Was He Married To Tunisha Sharma? Death Cause

Sheezan Mohammed Khan wife mention has widely spread as a rumor, but he has not disclosed his marriage whereabouts and seems to be single. There are claims that he was in a relationship with Tunisha Sharma

Likewise, Khan is a television Actor from India who rose to prominence with different serials in leading roles. He has a fan base besides India, and his outstanding act has gathered major fans worldwide.

He is well known for starring in Jodha Akbar as young Akbar/Sultan Murad Mirza and Ali Baba in Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul. With many audiences, his professional and personal whereabouts are highly acknowledged.

As his rumored girlfriend and co-star Tusnisha Sharma’s suicide news has come to the highlight, he has been targeted by many people directed towards the case.

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Sheezan Mohammed Khan Wife: Was He Married To Tunisha Sharma?

Sheezan Mohammed Khan is not married yet but has been linked to different females. Many people are concerned about Tunicha and Sheezan being married, but that is not the case.

Tunisha Sharma Death Case: Co-Actor Sheezan Khan Sent to 4-Day Police Custody
Tunisha Sharma Death Case: Co-Actor Sheezan Khan Sent To 4-Day Police Custody (Source- Flip Board)

As per The First Information Report filed by Tunisha mother against Sheezan following her suicide case, there has been claiming that the duo was dating, but their relationship ended fifteen days ago.

Even though the duo had not publicly confirmed their relationship, it is shocking to know about their association. With further investigation, officials may release a statement about their association.

With this, he was arrested following the suicide of Tunicha, where many people have regarded him as a victim despite the legal conclusion and investigation.

Tunisha Sharma  Death; How Did She Die?

Tunisha Sharma’s death news shocked many as the Actress was seen active in her work chores and social media handle.

When her demise news surfaced, her well-wishers could not believe that she was no more.

The stunning Actress was found hanging in the washroom while shooting on the set after a tea break.

After she was not responding for a long time, Waliv Police said they were compelled to open the door.

When looking through her condition, the concerned authority immediately took her to the hospital for immediate medical supervision, but she was pronounced dead shortly.

When authorities investigated the autopsy report, there were no injuries on her body, but her death cause has been regarded as asphyxiation.

With this, many high-profile celebrities and her fan base have poured condolence and tribute to the late star belonging to the Indian entertainment industry.

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Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul actress Tunisha Sharma dies by suicide on the sets of her show; police recovers body
Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul Actress Tunisha Sharma dies by suicide on the sets of her show; Police recover body [source- IB Times India]

Sheezan Khan Arrest And Charge: Explore His Wrongdoing

The official authority has arrested Sheezan Mohammed Khan, but the legal conclusion is yet to be out from the official source through investigation and inquiry.

It is unclear if the Actor has been involved in the wrongdoing, but following the accusation from Sheezan’s mother’s claim, it is said that he compelled the Actress to take the step.

His mother also expressed that as the duo ended their relationship, Tunicha was under stress. Around the death scene, no suicide note has been found yet.

Even though the proper conclusion has not surfaced, many social media users have started hatred towards the Actor, claiming him as a murderer. Under his condolence post for Tunisha, one can widely spot the hatred comment.


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