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Who Are Sheila Bellush Kids Stevie And Daryl? How Did He Ex-Husband Allen Blackthorne Die?

“Blood and Money” episode two has been out, which has covered the story of Sheila Bellush kids, ex-husband, and cause of death. 

Sheila Bellush was a young mother of six children who were brutally murdered in 1997 in her home in Sarasota, Florida.

Her 13-year-old daughter found the body of Bellush after she returned from school on 7th November 1997. 

Bellush’s story has also been the subject of several books and documentaries, including “A Perfect Husband: The Shocking True Story of the CIA’s Most Successful Manhunt” by Aphrodite Jones.

Along with all that, Blood and Money have recently been released, which was produced by Dick Wolf. 

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Who Are Sheila Bellush Kids Stevie And Daryl?

Sheila Bellush married Allen Blackthorne, and the couple had two daughters, Stevie and Daryl. 

The couple divorced in 1987, and Allen was fighting for full custody of their daughters, but he couldn’t have it. 

Sheila got married for the second time to Jamie Bellush in 1993. The couple had quadruplets in 1995. Frankie, Timmy, Joey, and Courtney shared a great bond with their step sisters Stevie and Daryl. 

After marrying Jamie, he adopted Shelia’s two daughters, and Allen Balckthorne lost the custody battle.

Sheila Bellush with her second husband and children before her death.
Sheila Bellush with her second husband and children before her death. (Image Source: People)

Although Shelia’s daughters were very young at the time of her death, they knew what their Father had done, and their younger child mentioned she would never refer to him as “Dad.”

Stevie and Daryl looked after their younger siblings and shared a great bond with their step Father. 

No pictures have been shared of them after their mother was murdered. They have kept a low profile.

How Did Her Ex-Husband Allen Blackthorne Die?

Allen Blackthorne plotted the murder of his ex-wife Stevie, a mother of six and a wife. 

After a lengthy investigation, it was discovered that Blackthorne had hired assassins to carry out the killing.

Five people were eventually convicted in connection with the murder, including Blackthorne, and sentenced to life in prison.

Several others were also convicted for the murder, including the killers who carried out the attack.

Allen Blackthorne who plotted ex-wife's murder dies in prison.
Allen Blackthorne, who plotted his ex-wife’s murder, dies in prison. (Image Source: Tampa Bay Times)

Blackthorne became obsessed with regaining custody of their children and began plotting her murder.

He died at 59 in the U.S. Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana. The reason behind his death was not revealed

Many sources confirmed that it was a natural death and that he was not suffering from any illness, but no sources confirmed the exact cause. 

Blackthorne was a wealthy businessman with a history of violence and abuse towards Sheila, including multiple incidents of physical assault and threats.

Sheila Bellush Husband, Jamie Bellush 

Jamie Bellush met Sheila Bellush, and they started dating and got married in 1993. He was happy to start a family with her. 

Jamie supported her and adopted the two children she had with her previous partner. 

Jamie and Shelia had quadruplets after two years of getting married. Frankie, Timmy, Joey, and Courtney were raised along with step-sisters. 

Shelia’s second husband has involved in the series Blood and Money. He has explained the experience, and the hard time he faced after the murder. 

Jamie has kept a low profile and has not shared much about his life after his wife died. 

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