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What Is Wrong With Shep Rose Health & Teeth? Fake Or Real

In the reunion for Season 9 of Southern Charm, Shep Rose candidly revealed his challenges with alcohol, particularly focusing on an incident at BravoCon, and the revelation prompted fans to become curious about his health. 

Shep Rose excels as a thriving businessman and reality TV personality originally from South Carolina.

He came into the limelight after being cast on Bravo’s hit reality TV series, Southern Charm. The show showcased the lives of seven affluent Charleston residents.

Besides his media career, he also writes for CharlestonGrit.com and shares content on his Instagram, ShepicFail.

Additionally, Shep owns The Palace Hill restaurant. His success and subsequent celebrity status originated from his ventures in the restaurant business.

His celebrity status has sparked heightened concerns about the health of Shep Rose, mainly linked to his drinking habits.

Is Something Wrong With Shep Rose Health? Update 

During the Southern Charm reunion, when Shep Rose talked about his alcoholism problem, his fans started being concerned about his health.

Southern Charm‘s chaos has heightened after the first part of its reunion aired on Bravo on January 11, 2024.

Shep in a white shirt and a cap
Shep Rose has been part of the original cast since the series premiered in 2013. (Source: Instagram)

The cast reunited to confront and unravel the intricate drama that unfolded throughout Season 9.

In the meantime, Shep’s admission of his alcohol problem took center stage, prompting Cohen to express concerns about the potential impact on his health.

This also raised questions about the advisability of continuing to film Southern Charm for Shep.

He maintains he can conquer his alcohol addiction while on camera, but fans remain skeptical of his assertion.

Post-reunion, Twitter users criticized him for not addressing his alcohol problem seriously.

Shep Rose pictured with dog
Shep Rose now opts for beer, avoiding stronger liquors and shots. (Source: Instagram)

During the reunion’s first part, Shep admitted to blacking out at BravoCon 2023 in November, with co-star Austen Kroll looking after him.

“I’m at a crossroads. I was out of control, drunk in Las Vegas. I scared the sh*t out of me. I was blacked out. I can’t even tell you what happened (at BravoCon).”

After the reunion special, fans suggested Shep should leave the show and seek therapy for his issues.

However, he emphasizes that even though he hasn’t quit alcohol, Shep Rose is actively making positive changes for better health.

Nevertheless, fans remain concerned about Shep Rose’s health and drinking problem.

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Are Shep’s Teeth Real Or Fake? Fact Check

Being successful, every detail about Shep Rose captures the attention of fans.

Lately, fans are drawn towards his flawlessly white, straight teeth, especially after he expressed a desire to showcase a toothless photo on his book’s cover and humorously titled it “The Tooth Hurts.”

Since then, his fans have been curious to uncover whether they are natural or the result of dental work.

Shep Rose pictured while smiling
Shep Rose is a businessman. (Source: Twitter)

Truth be told, there’s a high probability that Shep has undergone some dental procedures to enhance the condition of his teeth.

Once tweeting, he clarified that he knocked out a few teeth at a party during his college days.

However, at the present time, while he maintains his perfectly straight, white teeth, it has become the subject of online mockery sometimes.

Certain internet users remark on his teeth, suggesting they resemble wooden teeth.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to refrain from mocking someone’s appearance or choices.

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