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Is Sibley Scoles Pregnant In 2023 With Her Partner Bryan Mendez? Truth!

There’s an ongoing rumor that Sibley Scoles might be pregnant. Find out the truth further down the article.

Sibley Scoles is the in-game host for the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders and the host of Raiders: Talk of the Nation.

She also had the honor of hosting the 2023 NFL Pro Bowl and being the in-stadium host for the new Pro Bowl format’s debut.

Beyond football, Sibley showcased her reporting skills as a sideline reporter at the 2022 NBA G League Showcase, which aired on NBA TV.

She also dived into the world of MMA as a reporter for Lights Out Xtreme Fighting, accessible on Fubo TV.

Additionally, she was chosen for participation in Unanimous Media’s Pathways Alliance program.

This program focuses on empowering underrepresented voices in various media domains, including TV, film, documentaries, and podcasts.

Now, many fans have been wondering if Sibley Scoles is pregnant.

Is Sibley Scoles Pregnant In 2023 With Her Partner Bryan Mendez? Truth!

A rumor has been circulating around the internet that Sibley Scoles might be pregnant. 

But the truth is rather simple. It doesn’t seem to be true, and Sibley Scoles is likely not pregnant.

It’s unsure how the rumor exactly started, but it seems to be just a rumor and nothing more.

Sibley Scoles in a car
Sibley Scoles has her signature short hair, which makes her easily recognizable (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, there’s no evidence to support the statement that Sibley Scoles is pregnant.

There’s also no such confirmation from her partner, Bryan Mendez, who is a make-up artist.

The recent images and videos of Sibley also don’t indicate that she is pregnant or has any baby bumps.

It is reported that generally, any pregnant woman would gain weight of 11.5kg to 16kg during pregnancy.

But it doesn’t seem like Sibley has gained much weight, indicating her pregnancy.

Also, there’s no baby bump that any normal pregnant woman would get. So, all of these facts point towards her not actually being pregnant.

So unless Sibley Scoles or anyone close to her comes out and addresses the rumor, it will only remain a rumor and is likely to be false information.

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Sibley Scoles Relationship & Dating Timeline 2023

Sibley Scoles is currently in a relationship with Bryan A. Mendez, who is a great make-up artist.

She confirmed her relationship status through her Instagram, but apart from that, there’s not much information on her boyfriend Bryan.

Sibley Scoles as a baby
Sibley Scoles has a baby sister named Erica Scoles (Source: Instagram)

However, this is not the only relationship of Sibley that is known to the public.

In the past, she was in a relationship with the famous American rapper and producer Sean Combs, popularly known as Diddy, in 2014.

Forbes reported that in 2011, she became one of the first on-air anchors for Diddy’s cable music network Revolt TV.

There, she became the face of the main live show alongside the co-host DJ Damage.

Sibley and Diddy might have acquainted themselves there and eventually transitioned into a romantic relationship.

Even though publicly, Sibley Scoles has only been in two relationships till now, Diddy has been in a lot more relationships.

Sibley Scoles parents
Sibley Scoles often uploads a photo of his father, Richard Scoles, and mother on his Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, Sean Combs dated Kim Porter in 1994, eventually splitting in 1999.

But they started to date again in 2003 before finally splitting in 2007 for good.

Then, in the early 2000s, he had a brief romance with Sarah Chapman, with whom they welcomed a daughter, Chance Combs.

Like that, Diddy has dated several other famous women like Misa Hylton Brim, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Cassie, Cameron Diaz, Lori Harvey, Gina Huynh, and Yung Miami.

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