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Sidd Pagidipati Family: The Man Who Bought Big John Triceratops

The businessman Sidd Pagidipati made headlines after he purchased the most expensive dinosaur skeleton, and now people want to know more about his family.

Siddharth Pagigipati is a renowned entrepreneur and investor from Tampa, Florida.

As an influential figure, Sidd is the founder and chief operating officer of the private company Freedom Health.

Further, he has a degree in International Economics and Relations from Georgetown University.

The financial profile and business achievements of Sidd are of great interest to many.

Recently, he purchased the most expensive Triceratops skeleton, raising curiosity about the family details of Sidd Pagidipati.

Meet Sidd Pagidipati Family And Children

Talking about the Sidd Pagidipati family, his parents migrated to the States from India when he was 5.

Further, his father, Devaiah Pagidipati, was a physician and the idea behind Sidd’s company, Freedom Health.

During his childhood, Sidd was rather disinterested in school and learning.

However, he later pursued a career in the finance industry on Wall Street after he earned his degree.

Sidd for an interview
Sidd Pagidipati is the owner of one of the most expensive dinosaur fossils.

As an entrepreneur, Sidd climbed the corporate ladder swiftly, earning wide recognition.

Along with that, he founded several global brands and companies.

During the peak of his career, Sidd chose to settle down by building a family of his own.

So, he married Ami Pagidipati, an endodontist and founder of VIPcare Dental.

Moreover, Sidd Pagidipati has built a beautiful family with his wife and two children.

Meanwhile, his family inspired him to help other children activate their scientific interests.

Sidd Pagidipati with his family
Sidd had an interest in dinosaurs since a young age.

Likewise, Sidd aimed to develop Tampa Bay as a community, making it the best place to raise children.

Further, Sidd wants to instill the importance of giving back to his children.

His parents have a charity, NAADAM, which supports underprivileged children in India.

This helped Sidd to put things into perspective and create a habit of donating.

So, the businessman became involved in XPRIZE, which awards prizes for developing new technologies.

Further, he invested in projects that mostly focus on the development of children.

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Philanthropists Sidd: The Businessman Who Bought Big John Triceratops

Since a young age, Sidd was fascinated with dinosaurs, mainly after a road trip to the American Museum of Natural History.

He saw large fossils before his eyes, which excited him to learn about dinosaurs.

Further, after a successful career in financing, Sidd was also interested in creating a greater impact.

Sidd wanted to fulfill a childhood dream of his own while allowing other children to experience the awe of the dinosaurs.

Sidd Pagidipati owns the fossil
Sidd loaned the Triceratops skeleton to a museum in Tampa. (Source: Twitter)

So, when he learned of an action to purchase the world’s largest fossil, he couldn’t turn it down.

The triceratops named Big John had an auction price of $7.7 million, increasing its demand among collectors.

Moreover, the skeleton is roughly 66 million years old and was discovered in 2014 by fossil hunter Walter W. Stein.

Sidd won the auction of the 26-foot-long fossil in Paris and shipped it to the States.

However, the sale of the fossil also sparked discussion about the drawbacks of private fossil ownership.

Moreover, many claimed that such ownership damages its scientific value.

Sidd Pagidipati wife
Sidd Pagidipati is an investor and founder of many global brands. (Source: Instagram)

Later, he decided to loan Big John to the Glazer Children’s Museum, which has been operating in Tampa Bay for 40 years.

The skeleton marked a changing point in the museum’s history.

Further, Big John’s arrival at the museum has allowed local families to observe the ancient piece.

Following the Sidd Pagidipati family mission, the museum does not charge a separate fee to view the dinosaur.

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