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Sidney Hicks Wikipedia, Net Worth: Comedian Mo’Nique Husband

Mo’Nique, Sidney Hicks’ wife, defending her husband on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast Club Shay Shay, is sparking immense interest and prompting inquiries about his Wikipedia page.

Sidney Hicks is a well-known person in the American entertainment industry.

Moreover, he participates in movies and TV shows and contributes behind the scenes by aiding in their production.

Sidney came into the limelight because he worked in movies like Blackbird (2014), Interwoven (2016), and The Reading (2023).

Furthermore, he has produced The Mo’Nique Show and Mo’Nique Friends: Live from Atlanta.

Apart from his entertainment career, he’s known as the spouse of comedian and Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique.

Recently, Sidney Hicks gained significant attention due to his wife Mo’nique, leading to a surge in interest and activity on his Wikipedia page.

Sidney Hicks Wikipedia: Early Life, Age, And Net Worth

Many people are searching Wikipedia to learn more about Sidney Hicks after he gained recent attention because of his wife.

This article will provide more information about Sidney Hicks for his Wikipedia page.

Sidney Hicks, an American actor and producer, is famous for his roles in The Reading, Blackbird and Interwoven.

Sidney was born on September 30, 1967. As of now, he is 56 years and 4 months old.

Moreover, he hasn’t disclosed any information about his parents and siblings, and there are no available details about them.

Sidney is pictured wearing a black coat, while his wife is dressed in an orange dress.
As of now, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page to Sidney Hicks. (Source: Facebook)

Sidney identifies as African American and adheres to the Christian faith.

Furthermore, he spent his childhood in Baltimore, Maryland, where he was born and raised.

Sidney actively pursues a career spanning both acting and producing, showcasing his talents in multiple projects.

He has been involved in various projects, including the 2014 movie Blackbird, the 2016 drama Interwoven, and his wife’s comedy show Mo’Nique Friends: Live from Atlantain 2020.

According to reports, Sidney Hicks is estimated to have a net worth of around $250,000.

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Mo’Nique And Sidney Hicks’s Relationship Details

Mo’Nique, whose real name is Monique Angela Hicks, is an American comedian and actress born on December 11, 1967.

She was born in Woodlawn, Baltimore County, Maryland, to parents Alice and Steven Imes Jr., and she is the youngest of four siblings.

Mo’Nique completed her high school education at Milford Mill High School in 1985.

Further, she started her career after graduating from Morgan State University

Moreover, she became famous for her stand-up comedy, especially as part of The Queens of Comedy.

She also appeared in the UPN series The Parkers and movies such as Phat Girlz and Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins.

Her performance in Precious in 2009 received praise, earning her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Sidney, his wife, and their children enjoying a swim together.
Sidney and Mo’Nique welcomed their twin children in October 2005. (Source: BckOnline)

Throughout her career in the entertainment industry, she has won many awards, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

In addition, she received a nomination for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 2002.

Mo’Nique became the fourth African-American woman to win this accolade.

She also hosted The Mo’Nique Show and played the role of Ma Rainey in the HBO biopic Bessie, which earned her a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

Regarding her personal life, Mo’Nique was first married to Mark Jackson and has two older sons from that marriage.

Their names are Shalon Calvin Jackson and Mark Eric Jackson Jr.

After their divorce on April 3, 2001, Mo’Nique remarried Sidney Hicks.

Mo’Nique and Sidney had known each other since they were fourteen years old.

After Mo’Nique previous marriages ended, Mo’Nique and Sidney became roommates, and soon after, they started dating.

Moreover, they exchanged vows and got married on May 20, 2006.

They welcomed twin sons, Jonathan and David Hicks, in October 2005.

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