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Sidra Hassouna Video: Girl Who Was Killed On Super Bowl Night

Sidra Hassouna video went viral recently after she was killed on the same night of the Super Bowl, which made people wonder about why it happened.

The recent rise in violence in Gaza has caused great suffering for civilians caught up in the war.

This was a sad case when Sidra Hassouna, a little girl, was killed during an Israeli bombing raid on Rafah, Gaza, on February 12, 2024.

A shocking picture showed Sidra hanging from a bombed-out building, dead with her legs cut off and face deformed.

This photograph is symbolic of the enormous human cost borne by both sides throughout the long-drawn-out Gaza-Israel conflict.

Twelve hours before the bombing, which claimed her life, Sidra Hassouna had appeared alive in a social media video.

With this, people are questioning the incident and demanding justice for her.

Sidra Hassouna Video: Girl Who Was Killed On Super Bowl Night

The video of Sidra Hassouna shows a vibrant young girl bursting with life and potential.

She laughs and smiles as she displays slides for her hair to the camera.

Two hours later, she died with her corpse almost unrecognizable, swung from a collapsed building.

This shocking before-and-after has become an emblem of savage violence in attacks that appear to regard civilian lives as invaluable.

The bombing happened during what was purportedly a raid to free two Israeli hostages and hit Hamas militants.

Sidra Hassouna
Netizens are speechless as to how a human can murder an innocent child like that and are in utter despair. (Source: Twitter)

Nevertheless, reports have emerged stating that the hostages were saved weeks ago.

It raised questions on why the deadly attack was done at that time and by whom.

It is deeply disturbing to see the horrific brutality visited upon an innocent child such as Sidra overnight.

That explains why civilians always suffer most in this untenable conflict.

This bombing campaign raises somber questions about its proportionality.

Even so, common Gazans like Sidra might have been hurt beyond recognition, yet none of the two sides could stop recurrent episodes of violence.

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Details On The Conflict In Gaza: The War Took A Toll On Innocent Lives

Israel and Gaza have conflicted for over 70 years since Israel was established, and Palestinians were scattered from their ancestral lands.

In response, there have been 15 wars fought by Gaza; many other Israeli bomb runs and ground attacks have taken place there as well.

Over the years, both sides had experienced bouts of unrest followed by temporary ceasefires.

However, this has seen much destruction in the process. Indeed, it killed almost exclusively Gazan civilians, too.

By October 2023, Palestinian militants had engaged in a campaign that resulted in the death of 1,200 Israelis.

Airstrikes began, followed by the full-scale ground invasion that resulted in the killing of more than 25,000 Gazans by Israel in retaliation.

Sidra Hassouna
The video of Sidra Hassouna is alarming and tragic. (Source: Twitter)

Also, Sidra’s death at least accounted for February’s bombings, which killed her ostensibly because two Israeli hostages died earlier.

Yet on that one night alone, seventy-three people, including sixty-seven children, were killed in Rafah alone.

Despite inciting severe counter-attacks from both sides, these disproportionate casualties show how fundamentally unfair the conflict is.

This shows how innocent Gazan civilians like Sidra end up paying for the acts of militants who are beyond their control or influence.

It is even more saddening as it happened during Super Bowl season when all eyes were on football matches, not politics or violence.

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