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Silk Smitha Relationships: Is Her Suicide Linked To Her Love Life?

Silk Smitha relationship failure has been publically acknowledged, and her suicide is linked to it by many people; however, the exact conclusion has not been verified by the investigating authority even after several decades.

Her real name was Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati, and she hailed from India. She was a professional Actress and dancer who worked primarily in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi films.

The late personality entered the acting industry as a corroborating Actress and was first glimpsed for her role as “Silk” in the 1979 Tamil film, Vandichakkaram. With growing prominence, she is still remembered by the viewers.

Smitha passed away on 23rd September 1996 after she hanged herself to death, which led to shock amongst many people.

Many people have concluded different aspects regarding the issue, but the real reason is unknown.

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Is Silk Smitha Suicide Linked To Her Love Life?

Silk Smitha had multiple failed relationships, anxiety, depression, and a financial crunch which is suspected to be the reason behind her suicide as she hanged herself for killing.

Silk Smitha’s death continues to be a mystery even after 24 years
Even after 24 years, the cause of Silk Smitha’s death is still unknown. (Source- Youtube)

With mental health issues, her love life was not stable, which was further added when the financial problem arrived, making her life hard to sustain.

Even though the investing authority has not found out the exact reason behind her suicide, her steps give hints about such problems.

So, many people believe that the sole basis for the significant action was not getting love as desired.

Before attempting suicide, she contacted her friend Anuradha to discuss a disturbing subject.

Anuradha planned to visit after dropping her child off at school; however, she found her hanged while going to her place.

Besides that, there was a suicide note left beside her, which detectives have not been able to decode yet.

Silk Smitha Relationships: How Did They End?

Throughout her life, Silk Smitha experienced a number of challenges related to unrelated issues. She was made to get married at the age of fourteen.

However, after a few years, she walked out of her wedding after her husband, along with her mother and Father in-laws, had started misbehaving with her, a decision that changed Silk Smitha’s life forever.

She then entered the entertainment industry, where she was known for her sensual and daring performances, and her fan base grew rapidly.

Truth About Silk Smitha's Life: Forced Marriage, Queen Of Sensuality, Mysterious Death
Truth About Silk Smitha’s Life: Forced Marriage, Queen Of Sensuality, Mysterious Death (Source- B4 Blaze)

Although it was rumored that a lot of people in the business were dating the beauty, her many failed relationships had a big impact on her.

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Silk Smitha Net Worth At Death

According to All Famous Birthdays, Silk Smitha had an estimated net worth of around 1.5 million dollars at her death.

Even though she was mentioned to have a financial crunch initially, she may have increased her fortune by acting professionally.

She appeared in over four hundred and fifty movies in a seventeen-year career.

Even after she passed away several decades ago, her prominence has not reduced in Indian cinema.

Many people still remember her acting, which became her primary source for adding wealth.



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