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Who Is Simon Beaumont 6PR Wife Rowena? Kids Daniel, Hannah And Isabella

Simon Beaumont, the renowned broadcaster from 6PR, has built a successful career with the unwavering support of his wife, Rowena.

Simon Beaumont is a well-known broadcaster, reporter, and master of ceremonies in Perth, Australia. 

With a career spanning over two decades, he has worked in various media roles and has become a familiar voice to the people of Perth and Western Australia. 

From his early days as an announcer and producer at ABC Radio and 6PR to his current position as the Manager of Executive Services at the WA Department of Sport and Recreation, Simon has built a reputation for his passion for radio, breaking news, and engaging with his audience. 

This article will explore more about Simon Beaumont, his family life, and his background.

Simon Beaumont 6PR Wife: Who Is Rowena?

Behind every successful person is a supportive partner, and in Simon Beaumont’s case, that partner is his wife, Rowena.

As a supportive partner, she has been by Simon’s side throughout his career, providing him with encouragement and stability. 

Rowena’s role in Simon’s life extends beyond his professional endeavors. As he has pursued his passion for broadcasting and media, Rowena has been a pillar of support, offering guidance and understanding. 

Being married to a public figure like Simon can come with its challenges, but Rowena’s presence has undoubtedly helped him navigate the demands of his career.  

While details about his wife’s personal and professional life may not be readily available, it is clear that she shares a deep connection with Simon and plays a vital role in their family dynamic. 

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Together, they have created a loving and nurturing environment for their children, fostering their growth and supporting their pursuits.

Simon Beaumont Kids: Meet Daniel, Hannah And Isabella

Simon Beaumont and his wife, Rowena, have three kids: Daniel, Hannah, and Isabella. 

On April 17, Simon Beaumont hosted his broadcast from the Regal Theatre, where he had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Mirusia Louwerse. (Source: 6pr.com.au)

While specific details about their personal lives are not widely available, it is safe to assume they form a close-knit and loving family.

As a dedicated father, Simon likely cherishes the time spent with his children and plays an active role in their lives. Family is an essential aspect of Simon’s life, and he likely prioritizes creating lasting memories and nurturing strong relationships with each of his children.

While the specific details about Daniel, Hannah, and Isabella’s lives remain private, it is clear that they are raised in a supportive and loving environment. 

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Simon’s commitment to his family is likely reflected in his efforts to provide them with a nurturing upbringing and to be actively involved in their lives.

Simon Beaumont Family Details: Where Is He From?

Simon Beaumont was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. 

During a conversation with Oliver Peterson on Perth Live, Simon Beaumont from 6PR shared his profound appreciation for his family. (Source: 6pr.com.au)

Growing up in the city, he developed a deep connection to the local community, which later influenced his career choices. 

With his extensive experience in Perth’s media landscape, Simon has become well-versed in the issues and topics that matter to the people of Western Australia.

Throughout his career, Simon’s passion for his hometown and the state of Western Australia has been evident. 

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His work as a broadcaster and reporter has allowed him to delve into local issues and keep listeners informed about what’s happening in their community. 


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