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Small World Movie Wikipedia 2021: Cast, Summary, And Review

Small World movie explores the dark side of the world with its plot delving into human trafficking. Now, with its Wikipedia, viewers get a look inside the plot details and casting of Small World movie.

Small World was released on September 17, 2023, and took the viewers on the journey to the black markets.

The story delves into the dark side of the world where human trafficking takes place.

Further, writers Olaf Olszewski and Patryk Veag aimed to show the audience the long-term effects of such crimes.

Moreover, the plot follows a police officer striving to bring justice to a family.

As a thrilling movie, many search for the Wikipedia of Small World, including the plot summary.

Small World Movie Wikipedia 2021: Detailed Plot Summary

Delve into the detailed plot summary of the Small World movie with its Wikipedia article.

The story begins with a four-year-old girl, Ola, getting kidnapped in Poland by the Russian mafia.

Further, her mother is in pursuit of the child when she is stopped for speeding by a police officer, Robert Goc.

Robert Goc in Small World movie
Goc travels the world to catch traffickers. (Source: IMDb)

Now the woman blames the cop for letting go of the mafia and breaks down on the ground.

The following day, Goc feels the guilt of his actions and becomes engaged in an international investigation.

Meanwhile, the scene also shifts to Russia, where the police officer tries his best to stop Oleg from selling his kids.

However, the man succeeded in his mission to send those kids to Ukraine with the help of his brother.

The story then jumps to five years later when Goc is working in London.

Even there, he tries to solve many cases related to human trafficking while looking for Ola.

On the other hand, Ola resides in Bangkok, where she serves a man named John.

As the story progresses, Goc finds out about Ola and wants to bring her home to her mother.

Small World movie Goc and Ola
Ola was kidnapped from Poland and ended up in Bangkok. (Source: Facebook)

However, the now-teen Ola refuses the offer and later finds out she is three months pregnant.

Goc manages to save Ola and send her to a place where they care for victims of sex trafficking.

At the end of the summary, Goc goes to settle things in London, where the police kill him.

Meanwhile, Ola returns to her home and rings the bell as the credit scene rolls.

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Small World: The Human Trafficking Story Cast Details And Review

The Wikipedia of Small World movie also includes its casting details and review.

In the main lead, the story presents Piotr Adamczyk as the police officer, Robert Goc.

Moreover, some of the major cast of Small World movie are:

  • Enrique Arce- John
  • Andris Keiss- Oleg
  • Aleksey Serebryakov- Kiryl
  • Piotr Stramowski- Roman
  • Sally Day- Jane
  • Katie Glaister- Stephanie
  • Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz- Ola
  • Jessica Sara Witenko- Little Ola
  • Marieta Zukowska- Marta
  • Anastasiya Mikulchina- Tania
  • Montserrat Roig de Puig- Jasmina
Small World movie child actors
Small World showed that many children end up as sex workers. (Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, the Wikipedia of Small World movie has received its fair share of mixed reviewers.

Likewise, many have admired the powerful premise of the film which explores harsh topics of the world.

Similarly, the first third of the story showcases some of the darkest aspects of the film.

However, the plot suddenly takes a weird and unwelcoming turn, further complicating the experience.

Rather than working on the established environment, Small World tries to experiment with other things.

Over the remainder of its runtime, it tries being an uneasy erotic thriller along with the introduction of the Satanic cult.

Additionally, the movie sweeps the main focus into a corner with several other tropes.

Due to such flaws, Small World has an average rating of three stars on various platforms.

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